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By on January 3, 2017
Game Of Thrones

WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7. Read at your own risk 😉

While watching the sixth Season of Game of Thrones, I was thrilled when John Snow finally got Winterfell back.

From the 4th season, I predicted he was ultimately going to win. His father and mother were finally revealed in Season 6.

This makes season 7 more exciting for me. But, it is set to come out in mid-2017 and it’s a long time for me to wait 🙁

If you are a GOT fan like me, you just can’t wait to dig out the storylines. Right?

Well, I did my part of the research and found many plotlines. Someone with the username “awayforthelads” leaked these spoilers on Reddit.

In seventh season there are only 7 episodes rather than usual 10. Here are some of the spoilers and theories out there about Season 7 of “Game of Thrones”:

1. Daenerys does not go to King’s Landing first:

In the sixth season Daenerys was planning to attack King’s Landing. Rather than King’s Landing she goes to Dragonstone first.

Lord Stannis commanded Dragonstone before he was dead. But it belonged to house Targaryen for a long time. She chooses it as her headquarter.

Game Of Thrones

2. Jon leaves Winterfell:

Sansa wants to give the lands of those who betrayed Jon to those who supported him. Jon does not want to do this.

He does not plan to rule the north, so he leaves Winterfell and tells her to deal with it.

Game Of Thrones

3. Bran comes south of the Wall:

He meets Edd, the new commander of Night’s Watch. The mark of Night King on his hand makes it easy for White Walkers to break the wall.

Game Of Thrones

4. Jon does not find the truth about his parents:

Other than Bran, Sam finds out this truth. Sam teaches Gilly how to read and she finds a book that has this info in the restricted area of Citadel library.

Game Of Thrones

5. John Snow goes to Dragonstone and meets Daenerys:

This is the most important news from the entire list of spoilers. John Snow has three reasons to go to Dragonstone:

  • Daenerys summons all the lords of Westeros.
  • John needs more Dragonglass to fight White Walkers.
  • John needs help from Daenerys in fighting White Walkers.

Either way, he does not yet know that he is a Targaryen. And, he does not kneel before Daenerys when she demands it.

Game Of Thrones

Tyrion is his supporter and together they can convince Daenerys about White Walkers. Sir Davos also goes with John Snow.

Davos tells Daenerys about Jon’s resurrection and Jon dismisses it. Daenerys is impressed by this.

She is also impressed by the fact that at such a young age Jon has achieved so much authority and respect.

6. Arya returns to Winterfell:

In the sixth season, she had killed Lord Frey. Using his mask, she poisons his sons and kills them too.

She becomes a killing machine and also finishes her killing list. Finally, she returns to Winterfell and encounters Nymeria in her way.

Game Of Thrones

7. Little finger is killed:

If you remember, Sansa had written a letter to Robb. She suggested him not to start a war against her ‘beloved’ Joffrey. Littlefinger uses it to separate Sansa and Arya.

Game Of Thrones

With the help of Bran, Sansa realizes that they both are being manipulated. She orders Arya to kill Littlefinger, which she happily does.

8. Jaime Meets Tyrion:

Though it is a secret meeting, Jaime meets Tyrion in King’s Landing. Bronn helps to arrange the meeting.

Tyrion asks Jaime to join Daenerys, but Jaime refuses it. Sir Davos goes with Tyrion and he finds Gendry.

Game Of Thrones

Gendry is at KL making weapons and joins Sir Davos. At the end of the season, Gendry meets Arya again.

9. Theon and Jon face one another:

Jon is furious to kill Theon for betraying Robb, but he does not kill him because Theon saved the life of Sansa. Though one-two punches won’t hurt Theon 😉

Game Of Thrones

10. Jorah is heeled:

Jorah goes to Citadel library to get a maester to heel him. Sam knows and respects Jorah’s father Jeor Mormont.

Sam tries to heal Jorah as instructed by an old book. Finally, he succeeds in healing him. Jorah then joins forces with Daenerys again at Dragonstone.

Game Of Thrones

11. Jon Pets a Dragon:

Jon Snow pets a dragon and it allows him to do so. Daenerys finds it strange and surprising. This raises many questions in her head.

Game Of Thrones

12. Lannisters defeats Martells and Tyrells:

Jaime wins the battle against Martells and Tyrells. Lady Olenna has poison ready to go in the event the Highgarden is kicked out.

Game Of Thrones

She and Jaime have a conversation. She admits that she was behind Joffrey’s assassination. Jaime allows her to drink poison instead of slaying her.

13. Daenerys becomes Mad Queen:

With a lot of power comes a lot of Pride. She asks Lords to bend the knee and burns a few who don’t kneel, including the Tarlys. Tyrion and Varys worry about her turning into a Mad Queen.

Game Of Thrones

14. Jon captures a White Walker:

What else can he do to convince the lords of Westeros? From the season 1 the north has been screaming “winter is coming! winter is coming!”

Now it’s time to prove that “Winter is here!”. Jon goes beyond the wall with the Hound, Beric, Thoros, Gendry and Tormund to capture one.

Game Of Thrones

At Dragonpit, the entire major characters see the White Walker for real. Cercei commands the Mountain to kill it.

But he fails to kill it. Cercei freaks out after watching it. Jon tells them that they can only be killed by Dragonglass and fire.

She gives her word to Jon Snow that she is ready to contribute her army to destroy white walkers. As usual, she is diplomatic.

She does not send her man because she wants the zombies to thin out her enemies as much as possible. This makes Jaime mad and he rides north to join Jon Snow.

15. Ice Dragon and the fall of the Wall:

Jon and his team succeeds in capturing a wight, but they are attacked by Night King’s army of wights, including a wight polar bear. Beric and Thoros die fighting the army.

Daenerys suddenly comes with her dragons and saves them. Viserion (a dragon) dies at the Night’s King hand and is reborn as his mount.

Game Of Thrones

In sixth season, the Night King had marked Bran and was able to break the magic of the cave. The same happens when Bran crosses the Wall this time.

The night king uses Viserion to burn the wall with blue flames. The Wall falls at the end of the season.

Are you certain these are true?

I have no proof that this is exactly the story of GOT Season 7. But, on the top of my head some of these plotlines make sense.

Other plotlines are confirmed by fans who spotted the actors on sets. Nathalie Emmanuel was sad when this user “awayforthelads” posted the spoilers.

These are the sources where I found the plotlines:

This subreddit /r/freefolk/ is a go-to place for Game of Thrones leaks. It was extremely reliable at thoroughly spoiling nearly every detail of Season 6.

I suggest you to watch all the 6 seasons of GOT before season 7 comes out. Game of thrones is available on Netflix, HBO Go, HBO Now, iTunes and Vudu in US. So, you won’t have much problems in finding it.

All these spoilers point in one direction, i.e., a lot of good stuff is coming in GOT. All we have to do is wait till mid-2017. And that’s the hard part.

Winter is here…


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