20 Effects of Alcohol on the Body

By on December 12, 2018
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There are many things that happen to the body when you are drinking.  There are 20 things listed below, and each of them could be devastating if you are drinking too much.  Be sure that you have chosen to work hard to protect your body by not drinking as much and watching for the signs.

  1. The Mouth

You usually need to detox at the Ambrosia treatment center or some place that will get you clean because your mouth can get carcinogenic from drinking too much.

  1. Throat

Your throat can be completely raw, and it will become just as problematic in terms of cancer forming as your mouth.

  1. Stomach

Your stomach’s lining could be damaged, and you cannot absorb as many minerals or nutrients.

  1. Liver

Your liver cannot filter all the alcohol, and you will have cirrhosis that you cannot recover from.

  1. Heart

Your heart muscles will weaken, and that can be a very dangerous thing because it could cause heart disease or cause a heart attack that is very hard on your body.

  1. Pancreas

You could get pancreatitis from drinking just because your pancreas cannot keep up with your consumption.

  1. Brain

The brain could shit down if you have drank too much in one sitting or drank so much it cannot function.

  1. Bloodstream

Your blood vessels weaken, and that could make you very weak over the course of time.

  1. Bladder

Your bladder could be inflamed because the bladder cannot keep up with this diuretic that is forcing your body to work overtime to flush your system.

  1. Kidneys

Your kidneys could become inflamed for the same reason, and it is hard to repair that damage.

  1. Headaches

You get headaches because your brain is being flooded with all those chemicals.

  1. Ulcers

You could get ulcers because the lining of your stomach has broken down over time, and they could burst in ways that are very unpleasant.

  1. UTI

You could get a UTI from drinking too much because your bladder or kidneys get inflamed.  That then causes the infection to work its way through the system.

  1. Heart Attacks

You could have a heart attack because the alcohol has forced your heart rate to be too high, and you will feel like you cannot calm down because your resting heart rate is so high.

  1. Anxiety

Your body could go into anxiety mode when you are drinking too much, and it is very hard to recover if you try to fix your anxiety with more alcohol.

  1. Kidney stones

You could have stones in your kidneys because you have the buildup in your body because of your drinking.

  1. Bruising

You could bruise very easily because you have weakened all your blood vessels.

  1. Diabetes

You could develop type 2 diabetes because you are drinking so much extra sugar.

  1. Distended Stomach

Your stomach could distend if you are drinking too much.  This is often called a beer belly.

  1. Memory Loss

You have memory loss because your brain has been deprived or nutrients.

All 20 of these things are a worry if you have been drinking too much or too often.

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