3 Ways To Build Your Fashion Influence on Social Media

In today’s society, more and more people are gravitating towards various social media platforms to get specific information and education. At some point on Facebook, you can find everything from marketing materials to how to make soaps. People from all walks of life are getting into the groove of educating and bringing helpful content to their followers.

One of the most popular niche industries in social media in 2019 was the growth of fashion influencers across social media. Ladies and gents from many countries are sharing their influence about specific fashionable items and people are paying attention. If you are someone who is interested in learning how you can begin to build your fashion brand on social media, there are several tips you need before you begin. We asked our designers what the three most important strategies were in order to build your influence and here is what they revealed.

#1 – Pick Your Platform

The number one rule of building a brand on social media is to pick the social media platform where you can have the most impact. In order to learn which platform has your audience in it, you need to do some testing first. For most fashion influencers, Instagram has been the first choice of many because of the use of various strategies and tools that Instagram allows the user to have at their fingertips.

One mistake a beginner would make is to believe they need a presence on every social media network. It does make sense. There are millions of people logging onto these platforms every minute of every day, so the more the better, right? However, this is the wrong mindset because if you plan to work every major social networking site, you will begin to stretch yourself too thin. Your audience wants content, they want your individualized expertise on fashionable items and when you’re posting to six different social media sites, the content can become dull and listless.

Pick the platform where you can make the most impact. If it is Instagram, learn it inside and out. Make a content plan to develop different pieces of clothing or fashion advice through the week and share the content along a schedule that your audience can engage with.

#2 – Be Fashionable

There’s nothing worse than landing on a fashion influencers page and learning that they have no style or taste. Granted, if you’re thinking about building a business around your fashion expertise, you probably already understand how to match colors and styles together, however, there are people out there that have no clue.

The first thing you need to understand is to be unique. Be who you are, that’s why your fans follow you. There is no reason to follow the standards of other fashion influencers, because if your fans wanted something from them, they would just follow those people and not you. Remember your individuality and personality. Your first choice is to determine what type of fashion suits you. If it suits you, the right people will follow you because you are who you are.

One popular fashion motif this past year was modest fashion. Many people were opening boutiques and offered modest dresses for women on their Instagram pages. This niche is becoming very popular with the masses and proving that modesty is beginning to make a comeback with social media fans. The cool part about your fashion is as long as it models who you are, and follows the path of your uniqueness, they will love you for it. Be the fashionable person you are and the right fans will find you.

#3 – Make Use Of The Tools

The strategy that separates the amateurs from the pro’s is that the professionals understand these social platforms have specific tools they can use, and they do so. For example, if you are planning to build an Instagram audience for your specific fashion niche, get to know everything about the platform. You will want to consider a business Instagram account, and begin to work on your profile. Here you can display some of your more popular items that will get people to engage on your profile.

If you are like most, and want to take this a step further, you may have considered building a website to sell your fashion clothing line. If you decide to do this, Instagram can integrate with various websites which allows you to tag your items in the Instagram posts which will lead the customer straight to the product page and a purchase.

Another great tool to use on Instagram is the Instagram Story. Many people disregard this feature as another hindrance from their main profile, however, the Instagram Story feature can bring your audience even closer to your brand. Instagram Stories are just that – stories about your brand that will help your audience see your brand in a more personal way. Tools are powerful, so make sure you have a plan to incorporate these items in your strategy.

Be The Fashion Mogul You Are

 Many people have tried to build a large audience on Instagram, and, when they realize they are not building millions of followers they give up. Please remember that this type of audience size does take time. However, you must also realize that there are micro-influencers on these platforms that are doing quite well. Micro-influencers are small audience sizes with a powerhouse engagement. It doesn’t matter if you have one million followers or twenty, get them to engage and you will have a gold mine on your hands.


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ureadthis- is a unique platform, where you can share your latest News, Business News, Travel News, Sports News, Education News, Food making recipes and many more.

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