4 Different Types of Rainwater Tanks that You Can Install in Your Property

By on March 21, 2017
Types of Rainwater Tanks

Melbourne is one the most popular cities in Australia. But it has its own share of drawbacks one of the most prominent being scarcity of water. So, if you are staying in the city or planning to relocate to the city, you must be well aware of this problem. The authority has requested the citizens to use less groundwater as it is the only natural source of fresh water which is sadly on the verge of extinction. If you are thinking about a solution, well there is one. Install rainwater tanks in your property and store rainwater falling freely during rain showers. It will help you in getting your personal source of fresh water. It is not only beneficial for the environment but for you also as this will curb your water bills as stash some money for savings.  You can use rainwater for household purposes like watering the garden, cleaning the car, washing clothes and utensils and flushing toilets. Sometimes with advanced filtration process rainwater is even made potable which considered being tastier than tap water. Now, you must be thinking about installing rainwater tanks in your home. Before anything else read this blog to know the various kinds of rainwater tanks that you can install in your home or property.

  1. Slimline rainwater tanks

There are many types of tanks available in the market, but the best one to suit for your property is slimline rainwater tanks. Want to know why? This tank is especially for those who have a limited amount of space on their property. They are so slim that you can install them at any corner of your property without compromising with the water storage space. These tanks are made from high-quality raw materials like ultraviolet polyethylene that can keep the stored water healthy. But this not the end of the benefits of slimline rainwater tanks Melbourne. There are more, for instance, these barrels are extremely easy to transport, assemble and install. They are also very easy to maintain. And last but not the least, they are available in a variety of colours and shapes like oval, rectangle, and wall to suit your needs and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  1. Underdeck rainwater tanks

If you have less space in your home or property, opt for underdeck rainwater tanks in Melbourne. The specialty of this tank is that it can be installed under your property if there is very less amount of space in your home to install rainwater tanks. These tanks are very easy to install and require very little maintenance. The best feature of underdeck tanks is that they can be linked up to enhance the storage capacity. This tank is the best solution to keep stored rainwater uncontaminated and safe from being polluted.

  1. Underground rainwater tanks

If you think rainwater tank in ruining the look of your home and property, you can opt for underground rainwater tanks. They will not only save a lot of space but they will also be well protected from natural disasters and accidental blows and bashes. Place these tanks under your garden or lawn and enjoy unobstructed space in your property. These tanks are specially designed with ribbed surface so that they can use the soil to support them when they are buried. Contrary to popular belief, underground tanks can give you an efficient supply of water without compromising on storage area.

  1. Round rainwater tanks

This is the most ordinary but efficient rainwater tank that you can install on your property. These round shaped tanks are used by many homeowners of Melbourne as they are affordable, robust, easy to clean and not to mention, efficient. This type of water tank is available in various sizes and you can attach multiple spigots to this tank to increase storage area.

I hope now you have got an idea about the types of tanks that you should consider installing on your property based on your choice and requirement. So, contact the best rainwater manufacturer in your city and get one for your property.   

 Author Bio – Stephen William is a lifestyle blogger and an environmentalist specialising in water conservation and underdeck rainwater tanks Melbourne. In this blog, he highlights about different types of tanks like slimline rainwater tanks Melbourne and others that you can install in your home.


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