4 important aspects to consider before your next car repair

By on June 13, 2018
important aspects to consider before your next car repair

Automobiles have now become technologically advanced than we ever thought a decade back. You can see high-tech consoles, onboard computer, electronic controls, and various sensors apart from the basic mechanics even on the base models of the modern-day vehicles. Cars have become much more efficient, reliable, safe, and performing than ever. But, when it comes to repairing or servicing your cars, we can see that nothing much has changed.

Wherever you plan to take your vehicle for a repair as a dealership or garage around the corner, people are not much aware of how to approach the best possible car repair shop to get your task done with optimum perfection. While you plan to go ahead with your Honda repair through a body shop, it’s essential to get it done by a reputable service. We will discuss a few things for the car owners to know for this.

  1. Explore various options and compare 

As discussed above, you may find several options, but most of them tend to end up with the very first option they come across. Being ignorant about automobile repair needs, people mainly make the mistake of letting incompetent or unauthorized service personnel to handle their repair works and end up in trouble. So, it is advisable to take your time and visit / communicate with multiple Honda repair NY service providers and get estimates to compare as well as see their work and reviews about them before deciding the best available option.

  1. Get written estimate

When your mechanic provides you an estimate after assessing the needs, get it in writing. Get an item-wise quote, which will help you ensure that the cost of repair doesn’t exceed it at a future stage. There is maybe a 10% difference at the max, but if it exceeds this limit, they should get your special authorization to proceed further.

  1. Return of changed parts

If in case there is a need for replacement of any parts, ask to return the old part. In case if you have any dispute as if you think that the mechanic did an unnecessary work by replacing the old functional part, it is essential to get it inspected by an independent mechanic to verify it. Also, there are many parts like the brake calipers; engine components are valuable components which can be reused. You can get paid for these old parts too.

  1. Check for the labor rate

Always make sure that the body shop you deal with maintains an industry-accepted labor standard to determine the working hours needed and corresponding cost valuation. It is easy to understand the price of the components, but it is not easy for the car owners to know the labor rates if the providers quote it high. There are industry-accepted guidelines for the service takers understanding, which you should refer to.

Like any other services you avail, word-of-mouth feedback from any trustworthy source as your friend or relative is an excellent way to find a reliable body shop or mechanic. You can also make use of online resources like forums and discussions to see the user rating and feedback from various service providers to see whom most of the people trust.


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