4 Travel Gifts to Choose for Mom

By on September 6, 2017
Travel Gifts

When giving gifts, especially to moms who like travelling, getting something that will help make her trips relaxed and comfortable can come out as a very thoughtful idea. There are many gifts you can give to a mom without spending a lot of money in the process and these will have great value and be treasured for many years. We’ve just picked 4 travel gifts we think every mom will love and enjoy using as they take on their next flight or travel by road.

Great Travel Gifts for Mom

  1. Classic sunglasses

Mostly if the mom you are giving the gifts is travelling during summertime, this set of gift will be very valuable. The sunglasses are essential for protecting her eyes from the sun and she should do it in style. With so many options and brands available in the market, you can opt for the classic Aviator-style sunglasses from Ray-Ban or even settle for Vint & York’s bees knees. There are many options available but you will never get it wrong with a pair of sleek sunglasses.

  1. Travel neck pillow

I’ve come across countless number of lovely moms mourning of neck pain and headache after many hours of travel and I am convinced that a travel pillow doubtlessly does make for a valuable gift. As a matter of fact, a comfortable travel neck pillow is a must-have for anyone especially if you are in a long distance flight or travelling for many hours. With a number of options, we went through different brands and daisy travel pillow reviews turned out to be really impressive. The unique daisy travel pillow is made from 100% polyester soft plush and polyester cotton filling which makes it suitable for offering comfortable and first support all around the neck and head.

  1. Travel iron box

Nothing can dampen the mood of a travelling mom than to wake up to unpleasantly creased clothes. No matter how selective a mom is when packing her clothes, the truth of the matter is that by the time she arrives to her travel destination, most of them are always in need of a little bit of straightening. This is where a travel-sized iron box comes in as it can fit in the suitcase without adding any significant weight. A good travel iron box will serve for many years and comes as an impressive gift to any mom.

  1. Travel Sleep Mask

Long flights can be boring and uncomfortable for everyone including moms. Even moms who consider themselves tough and travel lovers will tell you how stuffy and unpleasant such flights can be. However, with a light-blocking eye mask, any mom will enjoy a comfortable time throughout their flight across the globe.

  1. Water bottle

A lightweight water bottle will be a great addition to any mom’s travelling accessories. Although there are many nice-looking water bottles in the market, Hydaway bottle is one of the bottles we found to be unique and amazing. The bottle is collapsible but you should not be deceived by the looks. Once it expands, the bottle can hold up to 12-ounces of liquid to keep the mom going while outdoors.

As you consider the best travel gifts for a mom, these five will definitely help make travelling comfortable and enjoyable. They are not expensive but have great value to them


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