5 Alternative Sports You Should Try

By on December 15, 2017
Alternative Sports

Any, even the most strange work easily turn into a sport – this idea could be the motto of the International Federation of informal sports, if ever create.

In this association, there would be a decent place for all funny and frankly stupid human pastimes, from eating hot dogs for speed races and finishing on lawn mowers. In the sports world, as in the rest of the world, the area is divided for a long time. Football, hockey, tennis, basketball – long-time leaders in popularity. In their shadow, there inconspicuous young sports, making their first steps on the path to glory.


Of all the sports that occurred at the intersection of water and air, this is perhaps the most difficult. To tackle them, are required kiteboard surfer, wind, and waves. But here the air is a professional device, known as a kite. As a result of their displacement, a kitesurfer can not just skim over the waves, but also to take off into the sky. Here is valued not only beauty show stunt, but with the distance of the jump and wave. Kite seems quite modern extreme fun, because kites habitually used for a different purpose. However, in fact, like practiced in China distant XIII century.

There’s a boat glided through the waves, thanks to him with ropes tied to sail, in fact, the same kites. Today, a bunch of “board-snake” has been some technical changes. The real breakthrough for kitesurfing was coming here advertisers who like the idea of ​​placing their advertising slogans on the kites. Over the past 20-30 years, the number of young people daring, ready to challenge the wind and the waves, increased twenty-fold. Today, kitesurfers can be seen not only in the warm waters of Hawaii, Florida, and California, but all over the world, including the Gulf of Finland. In Russia even held the national championship in the sport. Its stages are held in Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg and on the Black Sea coast. Field sessions happen in Egypt and Turkey. Usually, it is a holiday, and there is an introduction to kite surfing. But it may be that the first experience so will delay that one vacation a year will be little offensively.

Race against horses

In 1980, the first marathon. The man and the animal had to overcome 35 kilometers of hilly terrain. Then the horse won by a wide margin, but not for England was an amazing transformation in the tradition of one-time fun, and even sport. In 2001, the first at the finish was a man. However, it was a member of a relay team of three people, and the prize will remain pending. But a historical event did happen, albeit after a quarter century of unsuccessful attempts. In 2005, a lean marathon runner Kyu Lobb could outrun a horse by as much as two and a half minutes. Reward the brave runner was 31,000 pounds. Two years later the result was repeated, German Florian Holzinger. Do you think that the victory of man over a horse is not possible at all? We make some reservations regarding the competition rules.


In the marathon involved 40 people and only ten horses. It is clear that the animals get in each other more than people. Also, a person can apply a collective strategy. Horses release after 15 minutes after the start of the people to the same animals often stopped for veterinary inspection, that they take 5-6 minutes. As a result, small chance to take the top prize is still in professional marathoners, capable of maintaining a high rate of long-distance running on. The prize fund is formed from the impressive contributions to the riders and lower for runners. Thus, to take part in the race can virtually anyone the truth, with a high probability fee remains in the bank, increasing the jackpot in anticipation of the hardy winner.

Bungee Jumping

The man long tried to feel the feeling of flying, as with impunity. In the end, there was a bungee-jumping, which is a jump from a height of bungee. Now for the unique experience seconds of free fall can be used rocks, towers, and bridges – all the objects that were previously only viewpoints. Today, such a prospect is attracted to him no less than just a beautiful view.

It all started in the late 80′s, when a few brave Englishmen began to tie themselves resilient and secure bundles to different elevations and jump down. To them were good as balloons and cranes, not to mention the bridges. Only lasted 2-3 seconds adrenaline pleasure of feeling of free fall, then pulled the rope up an athlete, releasing back then. Police immediately deemed unsafe for such participation, arresting the organizers. However, it soon appeared on the screens of American show “It’s impossible,” where it was shown as a bridge, “Golden Gate” three men jumped down from a height of 200 meters. Naturally, they were tied with ropes, but he bungee-jumping after it was recognized as legitimate entertainment. And what was his ban? After all, for a safe jump from any height needed a bit. It was necessary to calculate the force overload amortization, yes Check the attachment of rope.

Did you know that …

Today, anyone, even without going through extensive training astronaut, can get up to 6 seconds of free fall, developing at the same speed of 100 km / h and brake smoothly. When the relative safety of the main interest for sports lover will find the most beautiful areas to quickly dive headfirst from there. The most commonly accepted to jump off bridges. The fact that water is not as frightening under strongly than stone or earth. And on low towers at all possible to arrange a partial immersion in water, which further adds extreme.

Unicycle hockey

If you ask a little bit of history of this amazing bike, it becomes clear that he is not new and has for a hundred years, people ride on it. Another name unicycle – unicycle, before they addicted circus artists during their performances. Today, the sport goes beyond the circus and attracting more fans among young people around the world. Unicycle – not just a kind of means of transportation. Thanks to it you can arrange races, competitions, games. One of those games was the single-wheel and hockey. The game of hockey has always attracted a lot of fans, but imagine the game without the puck skates and skating on the ice before it was impossible. Today, it is quite possible, as the youth is beginning to play hockey on the unicycle. This especially applies to residents of the UK and Germany.

The rules are simple, but at the same time have their features and complexity. The game itself takes place at the site, the floor covering which consists of a hard plastic. This is necessary to ensure that it was possible to ride a unicycle, and the puck would slide across the floor almost like on ice. Gates and club players are the same as in the traditional game of hockey. The rules have not changed, but the way the players move very different. Players in the one-wheeled hockey skillfully moved across the field by the buyer. What is surprising, to avoid collisions they almost always succeed. That’s really what they can learn from hockey players on the ice, so it avoids fights and confrontations. But to start playing hockey on the unicycle, you need to start well to master riding a bike.

Racing on lawn mowers

Mow the lawn – a sacred duty of any English homeowner, a tradition handed down from generation to generation. To facilitate this hard work and created a lawnmower. Took advantage of this group of young people searching for new and cheap entertainment. As the official history, in 1972, a few young Englishmen were sitting in a pub and sipping a beer when someone Jim Gavin said: “Each of us has a lawnmower. Let’s put them on the race. ” Thus arose the British Lawn Mower Racing Association. Later, the initiative was taken up by the Americans cheap motorsport. Officially, the first race was held on lawn mowers April 1, 1992.

The main thing – to remove from the machine all the blades. Thus the tractor turned into a mini-cars, and their price after all the improvements grows from 5 to 200 thousand dollars. However, manufacturers of garden tools are against the misuse of their products.

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