5 Benefits of Pursuing a BSc after High School

By on February 16, 2015
Benefits of Pursuing a BSc after High School

Feeling fluttery in the stomach is very common for a high school graduate when it comes to deciding their major in college. A lot of planning and strategizing goes behind taking a decision as it has the ability to influence all your future choices.

Students in high school continue to choose engineering and medical over other unconventional streams. A great salary package is the main driving force behind this ideology. Some students may even prefer to work in a BPO for quick money. Although a job with Convergys or any other customer service organization is not a bad idea, you must explore other options before jumping into the fray.

A career direction not appreciated by many, pursuing a bachelor’s in science after high school is not such a bad idea. Employment opportunities are many, and trust me, the pay-package is lucrative too. Here is what you need to know about this elusive course:

Increased knowledge base

A degree in science can truly test your scientific acumen. The course structure is rigorous enough to enhance your intellect by leaps and bounds. Be it Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, or Statistics, the amount of relevant and applicable information that you acquire in 3 years shall add invaluable worth to your resume.

Hands-on experience

When dealing with pure sciences, you get numerous opportunities to test your acumen in the real world. Almost every university allows its students to work under a scientist during the summer vacations. An internship of sorts, this little trailer will give you a glimpse of the real world while adding relevant experience to your professional document.


When traversing on the road to scientific discovery, there is no dearth of talented individuals that you’ll meet along the way. From eminent scientists to meritorious scholars, link-building when studying science is pretty commonplace. Students should ensure that they construct a LinkedIn profile page at an early age and start adding contacts instantly. The relationships you build during college help immensely when looking for a job. Such individuals could provide sound recommendations for pursuing a higher degree abroad, or when applying to a dream company.

Research possibilities

As discussed above, science gives you the opportunity to conduct your own research. The field is quite uninhibited when it comes to research possibilities and novel discoveries. If you have the right temperament and are patient enough to get results, you will definitely progress in this field. What if you publish a research paper at the age of 19? Trust me; the feeling is like no other.
And the laurels that it adds to your resume – unmatched.

Staying abreast with the latest technologies

Although engineering can expose you to all the latest gizmos and gadgets, a degree in pure science enables you to explore the core of technology. You deal with materials at the atomic level, while understanding the different theories that go behind devising a particular element or a compound. The “power bank” used to charge a mobile phone has become quite a popular gadget. It is the Lithium-ion battery at its core that defines and propels this machine.

And who strives to improve the efficiency of this battery? A pure science graduate engineering will teach you about assembling the circuits and working a device. A BSc on the other hand will teach you “why” and “how” to do so.

The aforementioned pointers give an overview about what this line of work is all about. If you think you have the right temperament to pursue a scientific course, forget about the clichéd engineering and medical degrees, and enlighten yourself about the advantages of pure science.

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