5 Benefits Of Trying Staffing Agencies To Find Jobs

By on January 17, 2014

There are a myriad of jobs out there, but sometimes it can be hard to get an initial interview. One unconventional – but effective – way to gain an upper hand is to team up with staffing agencies. Here are five benefits of doing so.

1) It’s Usually Not Difficult to Get Your Foot in the Door.

Applying for positions online and via phone can begin to get frustrating after a while. The endless stream of form letters and emails that say a business is simply “looking for someone with more experience” or has “found someone who is a better fit” can be discouraging. Even more devastating is the fact that many companies don’t call or notify candidates at all, if they aren’t interested in scheduling an interview.

One refreshing thing about staffing firms is that it’s not as difficult to at least get in for an interview. Typically, if your resume is presentable and you have some education and/or marketable skills, you can talk to someone in person, take relevant assessments and do whatever else is pertinent to the positions you’re interested in.

Being able to meet with a recruiter face to face can be hugely beneficial, because if you make a good impression, he or she can vouch for you – at least in terms of your personality and any skills tested there at the office. This is further than many applicants get with traditional job searches.


2) You Can Try Positions Without Committing.

There is a silver lining to taking on a role that is provisional: You can try something for a time without having to commit or feel guilty if it doesn’t work out.

The fact that you can do a job for a few weeks or months and then be on your way can be liberating. This gives you the chance to assess whether you really like the line of work before committing to a career in the field.


3) You Can Gain Experience & Contacts.

Temporary work is still a great opportunity, because it allows you to gain experience. Think about it: If you try two, three or more new roles this year, you can get a feel for the responsibilities involved in a range of positions and also gain new skills in each place. In addition, you can connect with new co-workers at each location and then have a larger network of contacts. This could help you land permanent work, too.


4) There Are Many Positions to Choose From.

From biotechnology jobs and other careers in science to the arts and human services, staffers typically have a big pool of jobs available for you to choose from. Also, you can find those who specifically deal with a particular field, such as science staffing agencies or manufacturing placement firms.


5) Many Roles Are Temp-to-Hire.

It may be disheartening, if you’re looking for a career in science, to land a position that only lasts three months or so. However, take heart in knowing that if an employer is happy with your performance, some provisional positions can actually become permanent.

Disappointed by the job market in the niche biotech industry, Kerri turned to staffing agencies to try something new. She has had success with this route, finding positions that fit her skills and build her experience. She recommends this option to others.


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