5 Important Things to Consider for Motorcycle Maintenance

By on January 4, 2019
Things to Consider for Motorcycle Maintenance

Just as you take care of your body and your house, it is essential to take care of your motorcycle as well. A motorcycle is a machine; it is going to depreciate in value. Natural wear and tear can affect different parts of the motorcycle. Eventually, some parts might need replacement. However, you can prolong the glitch-free working of your bike by ensuring that it is properly maintained. An accident-free lifestyle regarding the motorbike will also help.

Every bike’s requirements are different; therefore, the servicing frequency also varies. It also depends upon the usage of the bike. In case of a new bike, it is essential to follow the servicing schedule suggested by the manufacturer. Once the bike gets older, you can use your own judgement or speak to your mechanic regarding the frequency of servicing sessions. Irrespective of the frequency, do not forget to consider the following five things associated with motorcycle servicing.

#1 No tired tires

The bike’s tires need to be in good shape. One cannot afford tired tires. They can easily lead to an accident. Unlike a car where you have an extra tire, you will be left stranded in the middle of the road if your bike’s tire give up on you. Be aware about the air pressure in the tires as well. As soon as you feel there’s something amiss, get the air pressure checked.

Tires and brakes have a close working relationship. Your tires need to have a firm grip in order to stop the bike when the brakes are applied. Things can turn ugly if the tires do not grip the surface when the brakes are applied. Such problems are often encountered during the monsoon and winter season.

#2 Keep the chain lubricated

Chain lubrication is a key activity that needs to be performed during bike servicing. It doesn’t cost much and offers full value for money. The chain plays a pivotal role in keeping things rolling as far as the bike’s movement is concerned. Thus, ensure that the chain is well lubricated at all times.

#3 To change the oil change or no?

Mechanics suggest to change the oil every time you visit the service center. A well-oiled bike is indeed easy to ride. However, you might not be needed to change the oil if you haven’t used the bike that much. Make a note of the kilometers travelled (the service center or you should note it during every servicing session for better analysis) after the last oil change and speak with your mechanic if changing it again is necessary.

#4 Keeping moisture at bay

The ignition kickstarts the bike and then the engine keeps it functional. Moisture can play spoilsport over here and stop the bike from functioning properly. Modern bikes come with fuel injectors. Cleaning the fuel injectors and ensuring that there’s no moisture over there will keep the bike functional and avoid unwarranted engine failures.

#5 Check battery life

People generally assume that it’s the battery’s fault if the bike is constantly breaking down. However, that might not be true every time. The problem can arise due to various reasons. Check whether your bike’s battery is performing optimally or not on visiting your bike’s servicing center. The mechanic will let you know if it is time to change the battery. Make it a point to at least start the bike’s regularly even if you are not planning to ride it. This is helpful for the battery and the engine, especially in long monsoon and cold winters.

Two-wheeler Insurance

Maintaining your bike is a good habit, just as renewing your bike insurance on time. Whether you ride a scooter or a motorcycle, it is mandatory by law to avail at least a Third-party Liability two-wheeler insurance. If you want to stay on the right side of the law and avail extensive coverage as well, then you should purchase a Comprehensive Two wheeler insurance policy.

Purchasing bike insurance is a recurring activity. You need to go for bike insurance renewal before the expiry of the policy to keep it active. Failing to opt for bike insurance renewal before the expiry date will leave you uninsured. Purchasing and renewing bike insurance is easy, quick, and affordable. Therefore, do not delay the purchase/renewal process.


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