5 Indian Desserts You Can Not Afford To Miss

By on January 11, 2018
Indian Desserts

Indian cuisine is famous for its spices, aroma and taste but not for its sweet delicacies, right. Wrong. In this article, we tell you about top five Indian desserts that you should try at least once in your life. Good news for St.Kitts Indian residents is that best Indian restaurants in St.Kitts are offering all these sweet delicacies from India to satisfy your sweet tooth. Do you want to know what to order for desserts? If yes, then continue reading.

1. Kulfi

Kulfi is the Indian version of the ice cream but differs greatly in the method used in its preparation. Unlike the ice cream, which is made by going through a whipping process, Kulfi is prepared by evaporating heavy cream and condensed milk into a thick mixture and then it was frozen. Available in wide range of flavours including Rose, pistachio and cardamom, it provides a soothing feel on a hot summer day.


2. Ras Malai

Ras Malai is a bangali dish that combines both solid and liquid to create its magic. Balls made of cheese are cooked in sweet syrup to make it soft enough so it can easily melt in your mouth. The soft paneer is served with milk mixture and saffron and cardamom are added to the mixture. The mixture is then boiled to make it thicker. Ras Malai is served chilled with multiple paneer balls and the mixture is quite consistent to give it a creamy taste.

Ras Malai

3. Jalebi

Jalebi is by far the most popular sweet street food in not only india but the whole sub continent region which includes, Paksitan and Bangladesh as well. The batter of Jalebi is made from Maida, which is a refined form of flour. Just like funnel cake, the batter is then poured into a circular shape and then fortified by boiling. As soon as it get its golden brown color, it is dipped in saffron syrup and then cooled. Be careful when eating Jalebi as it contain a lot of calories. If you love sweet street food then you will not find many better options than Jalebi.


4. Modak

Modak is the famous sweet dish in India as it was known to be the favorite snack of Hindu god Ganesha. It is a dessert dumpling, which is prepared in many different ways. Filled with jiggery and coconut shavings, Modak is fried or steamed. Although, you can experiment with many other fillings but the traditional ones taste better. New variations are coming with chocolate, dry fruit and paneer fillings.


5. Kaju Katli

Another sweet Indian delicacy that has religious connotations is Kaju Katli as it is served at Diwali, the hindu festival of lights. Cashew nuts that are converted into powder is then mixed with sugar and water and is boiled until it takes the form of a paste. The paste is kneaded until it becomes rock hard. The dough is made into thin sheets, which are then cut into diamond shape pieces. It looks like a cookie but it bears more resemblance to sweets available in India.

Kaju Katli

Which is your favorite sweet Indian dish? Which sweet Indian dish you want to try next time you visit an Indian restaurants in St.Kitts? Feel free to share it with us in your comments section below.

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