5 Lavish Things to Do in Dubai for Luxury Seekers

By on November 22, 2018
Things to Do in Dubai

Want to live like royalty and splurge as if there’s no tomorrow? A trip to Dubai is all you need. This City of Gold is not a top tourist destination for nothing as it boasts many luxury experiences that one shouldn’t miss.

But of course, before you start exploring Dubai, make sure to book a luxury hotel room first. Then, you can give yourself a break and experience the following luxuries on your next visit to Dubai.

1. Sail on a private yacht

What other great way is there to ride the waves of the Arabian Sea but through a premium yacht? Choose from a huge fleet of yachts ready to pamper you with concierge services as well as food and drinks onboard. The awesome views you will get of The Palm and Burj Al Arab are among the experiences you surely won’t forget.

2. Book a private air charter

If you hate dealing with road traffic, flying from your hotel to your chosen destination may be more ideal. Not only do you drastically cut your travel time, but you also get to enjoy the scenic highlights of Dubai. Whether it’s onboard a private helicopter or a seaplane, it’s definitely going to be a splendid ride.

3. Go on an off-road desert safari

For an exclusive dune bashing experience, you can hire your own off-road safari ride service. Unlike common run-of-the-mill safari rides, this off-road tour lets you enjoy a luxurious day trip to the desert. You also get eat several meal courses under an enchanting moonlit sky after a day of sand adventure.

The camps will be usually set up around a lovely desert oasis at an exceptional location, complete with ambient lights.

3. Attend a horse racing event

If you’re a horse race enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss the highlight of Dubai’s horse racing calendar which is the Dubai World Cup. Ever since 1996, thoroughbred horses race and challenge each other at the Meydan Racecourse annually. With an overwhelming capacity to hold 60,000 spectators, Meydan remains to be one of the premier racing venues in Dubai.

4. Shop for international luxury items

If you’re up for it and if you haven’t been using them for a while, you can put your credit cards to good use for chopping. As a first class destination, it’s no wonder the emirate of Dubai has become an indoor shopping paradise. If you’re a shopaholic, you may enjoy shopping lavishly in any of these places.

The Dubai Mall

Known as currently the world’s largest mall, it is home to 120 cafes, 22 cinemas, 1,200 shops, and world-class entertainment areas. Retail shops are clustered into precincts for your convenience, according to different product categories.

  • Fashion Avenue – This is where you will find high fashion pieces.
  • The Souk – This gives a market-like feel featuring jewelry, accessories, handicraft, and traditional Arab clothing.
  • The Village – A shopping zone with a more outdoorsy and casual ambiance.

Dubai has a reputation for being a shopping mecca. Whatever item you want to buy, even if it’s a limited edition piece, you will have more chances of finding it here.

Mall of the Emirates

After receiving a makeover to become even more exclusive, the Mall of the Emirates remains to be a major shopping destination. This is the world’s first shopping resort (with an indoor ski facility, among other things) that offers an exciting and relaxing shopping experience unique from other malls in Dubai.

Deira Gold Souk

Add more gold to your jewelry collection. The Deira Gold Souk houses over 300 retailers that sell ten tons of gold at any time! As you stroll around, you will see many gold pieces with intricate designs that will surely catch your interest.

5. Pamper yourself at Cleopatra’s Spa

Give yourself a royal treat at Cleopatra’s Spa at the Wafi Mall. Plunge into the pool and soak in the spa to recharge your body and soul for your next Dubai destination. Cleopatra’s Spa is themed to suit its Egyptian “location” in the mall with its wide array of pampering therapies from Ayurvedic to grooming packages.

Experience the richness of Dubai

When you visit Dubai, be sure to think lavish and opulent.

The above activities merely scratch the surface as luxury experiences run aplenty in this fabulous emirate. It’s just a matter of your preferences and what gives you the comfort you deserve.

Don’t forget to check and find the best hotel deals to experience not just luxury but also the greatest value for your money.


Habib Khan is a seasoned Hotelier, currently the CEO of Planet Hospitality and General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in developing, transforming, and managing hotels, with an ability to analyze and solve problems in a challenging work environment.


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