The 5 Major Benefits of Playing Golf

By on December 27, 2016
Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf has quickly become popular among the people. The interest of people in golf has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. Health experts and doctors also say that there are several health benefits of playing golf. Golf attracts players of all ages and geographic locations. Visit golf club reveals how popular this game has become. You can easily find people like you and have a healthy friendship with other golf players in the club. Let us quickly discuss about the benefits of playing golf to understand the health benefits of this game. Here are some major benefits of golf as told by various health experts and golf lovers:

 Benefits of Playing Golf

1. Golf reduces stress

Golf is said to be a good stress booster game. Golf acts as natural and powerful drug that works on our brain and helps us to reduce stress and tension. When a person is relaxed and happy the health of the person is affected positively.

2. Stimulates good blood circulation

Playing golf also stimulates blood circulation which effects positively to the brain. Stimulated blood circulation in brain helps to improve nerve connection, and prevents from the having dementia.

3. Improves vision

Playing golf helps you in exercising your eyes while you are trying to figure out the small white golf ball. This helps in improving vision of the golf player.

4. Helps to get a better sleep

While playing golf you put a lot of energy while swinging the clubs which results in physical exercise. Also the walk in the golf course, prepping, lugging your bag etc. gives you enough physical exercise that makes you fall asleep soon.

5. Keeps your heart healthy

When you are doing physical work your heart stays healthy and pumps blood actively to your body. This enhances the blood circulation of the body and keeps your body fit and fine. Proper working of your heart due to good exercise also keeps your heart healthy and reduces chance of heart ailment like heart attack etc.

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