5 Quick Tips on How to Use Fake Eyelashes Safely

By on December 1, 2016
Fake Eyelashes Safely

While fake eyelashes can be attractive and seductive eyelash enhancers, they do have their downside. Consumers of fake eyelashes and other eye extensions have complained of allergic reactions, eye infections, and even hair loss. But does that mean all eye extensions are bad? Should women abandon them altogether?

Not exactly. The safe use of cosmetic eye extensions depends on how you wear them. Some people have never experienced problems with their eye extensions even having used them for years because they are careful to take the right precautions. However, to get to know how to go about safely using these products, we referred to the sole cosmetic regulator in the USA for expert advice. We have compiled the list below;

  1. Keep your cosmetics clean

Eye infections are the most recurring problem with cosmetic eyelash users. The problem is usually attributed to lack of hygiene in the handling of the items. When not properly cleaned, eyelash extensions will hide dangerous fungi and bacteria that can harm your eyes. Washing your eyelashes in salty water before applying will kill off these bacteria.

Also, always ensure your hands are clean before applying the eyelashes so as not to contaminate the clean eyelashes with dirty hands. Be careful where you place the eyelashes before applying on the surface may be dirty too.

  1. Do not moisten your eyelashes

Even if your eyelash enhancers look dry, do not moisten them with water or saliva. Why? This is a sure way of attracting bacteria and dirt. Instead, use gel or glue meant for the cosmetics.

  1. Don’t share your eyelashes

Sharing your eyelashes is eye sure way of transferring infections and bacteria from one person to another. Not sharing also includes keeping away from ‘testers’ at cosmetic shops.  When you have to use testers, only use single applications tools like cotton swabs which will be thrown away after use.

  1. Check the labels

Always check what is contained in the cosmetic product. Some people are allergic to some ingredients contained in cosmetics such as the color additives. But the real threat is adhesive dyes. As www.consumer.org reports, some eye extensions are made with formaldehyde, a harmful carcinogen. This adhesive can cause serious allergic reactions when they touch the face and the eyes. It can also cause inflammation, change of eye color and burning sensation. This product has been banned by the FDA.

  1. Don’t dye eyelash extensions.

Although it may seem fashionable, it can be dangerous to your eyes. The FDA has not approved any permanent color addictive for eye extensions. This is because these products have been known to cause serious eye damage and injuries.

If an eye extension causes irritation, stop using it all together and see a doctor immediately. The FDA advice that you discard of any cosmetic that you are allergic to do not use any cosmetic if the skin around your eyes is inflamed. When using mascara, discard it after two months of use and if it also dries up even before the two months are up.

Also, avoid using cosmetics if you have an eye infection. FDA also recommends that you throw away the product you were using. Last but not least, store your cosmetics at room temperature. Temperatures above 85° F only kill the effectiveness of the preservatives and without them, your makeup will start to decompose. This leaves your makeup at risk of bacterial or fungi infection. It is advisable not to store your cosmetics in vehicles or near other heat producing machinery. The heat can be damaging to your cosmetics.


When using eyelash extensions, always ensure, they are of good quality by carefully checking the labels. When you use good quality cosmetics, chances of getting a great percentage reduces an infection or injury. When you use quality products from licensed retailers, you increase your chances of keeping your eye safe. Since the eyelids are delicate, an allergic reaction, irritation, or injury in the eye area can occur. Stay away from cosmetics that cause irritations, injury or for too long, in fact, stop using them immediately.

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