5 Reasons You Should Own a German shepherd

By on May 9, 2018
German shepherd

If you are planning to have a German shepherd Puppy or dog, it is likely that you would spend a good Price of time at researching about different breeds and finding personality and physical traits that appeal to you and your lifestyle. It is always great to be sure about the breed you want. There are diverse types of dog breeds out there, and you can pick one that suits your lifestyle and taste.

Dogs are caring, loving, and very loyal. You cannot simply have one and leave them the next day. Once you are keeping a dog, make sure that you keep it for life. Of course, it can be possible only if you pick a breed that is of your choice. Have you ever thought about German shepherd dogs? These dogs are really popular, and people all over the world own them.  The exciting thing about these German Shepherds is that they require little to no for grooming. And yes, their gorgeous natural coats can stay that way that too without any special care. It simply means that there would be fewer expenses for you.

Today, these German Shepherds are best known for their honourable service as police dogs. You can dig into their popularity as home pets to their shining history as superstars. You know after careful breeding in Germany in the time of late 19th century, these pups found stardom: They often appeared on the big screen, fetching furry excitement to silent films as early as in the year 1922. In fact, you would be surprised to know that these are still one of the top three most famous breeds to come on film and television.

Reasons you should own a German shepherd

There are plenty of reasons that people go for German Shepherds when it comes to breeds.  Following are some reasons that might convince you about it.

  1. Smart Furry Fellows

There is no doubt that these German Shepherds are the choice service dog for military and police because they are an extremely intelligent and swiftly learning breed. If you train them, it would be easier and much MOR rewarding than with various other dog breeds. Schutzhund that is a German word for “protection dog,” is a generous event that tests the talents like tracking, obedience, and protection.  Originally formed to test German shepherds, your dog is bound to outdo their friends at the Dog Park or space. These fellows also love to please their owners by making them less likely to engage in negative deeds and behaviours.

You would be happy to know that German Shepherds actually relish learning and taking orders that make the training process much simpler and more contenting than it is with other breeds. Maybe you suffer to train a mixed breed, but that issue won’t be there with this breed. If your dog is trained, he can become a great companion to your growing kids too. They understand that the children are naïve, and they stay much more protective towards them.

  1. Active Family Dogs

German Shepherds are perfect for active families. These are the dogs that make the perfect partners for running and hiking deeds. It is simply because they love exercise and are extremely strong and adventurous.  If you are a lover of exercise, or you love to go on adventures, then their company can make your deeds even more happening and full of life. They are called ‘active dogs’ because they are always up for a run or a physical activity. So, if you want a friend at home, these dogs can be the best option for you. They won’t be sleeping all day or aren’t going to be lazy; they give you company and keep you on track. And don’t forget that they too have attachments. They get attached to you and the activities you do with them. This thing makes your physical deeds even more powerful and meaningful. Even if you are trying to be little lazy, they won’t let you become so. Maybe your energy is getting drained because of unnecessary tensions or worries but not theirs’. The point is your German shepherd would always encourage you to stay fit and active. You can derive a lot of motivation from this furry friend of yours!

  1. Heroic Breed

These German Shepherds are heroic in their deeds. They are frequently recognized for their daring acts. German Shepherds persistently serve their special humans. In fact, you would be amazed to know that Filax of Lewanno, a doglike soldier, was honoured in the year 1917 for bringing fifty four wounded soldiers to safety during the time of World War I. Isn’t it simply commendable? You never know you adopt a ‘hero’ in the form of your furry friend. You should check out the German shepherd puppy price right away and book one for yourself!

  1. Healthy breed

With the right diet and sufficient exercise, German Shepherds have a couple of major health risks. The chief risks are elbow dysplasia, and canine hip dysplasia (CHD), both of these are avoidable. German shepherds generally live around twelve years. So, you know that you have plenty of time with them in your life. You know these dogs come in the realm of the larger breed. Many other larger breeds easily get sick or have their health issues. But this breed is comparatively healthier and more active.

  1. Highly adaptable

Although German Shepherds always prefer huger yards, yet they easily adapt to a space like an apartment living provided they get sufficient exercise every day.  Similarly, with proper socialisation, a German shepherd can become a wonderful friend for children and would display extreme loyalty towards the family. Though this breed is often remote toward new faces, they follow your lead and are probable to warm up to the individuals you love.

Thus, the bottom line is that if you don’t have a clue about the breeds to be explored, start with German Shepherds. These dogs would catch your eye in every aspect.  These discussed reasons are more than enough to make you fall in love with this breed.


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