5 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Texas

By on May 18, 2019
Need To Know Before Moving To Texas

A State That’s A Land All Its Own

Texas isn’t one-dimensional. There’s a lot to this state. It’s the second largest in the United States, after Alaska. It’s twice the size of California—and California is a massive state. Texas is huge, and has many hubs of influence. There’s exceptional opportunity, but the state has its own idiosyncrasies. Following are a few tips to help you find your way in the lone star state.

  1. Everything Is Bigger In Texas—By Design

Owing to Texas’ massiveness, it is one of their primary principles to emphasize size. You can expect bigger homes and apartments. You can expect wider roads, and more generous seating. It’s true what they say: everything’s bigger in Texas. The locals pride themselves on this, and so push such an impression whenever it’s possible to.

Somewhat dramatically, this will include legal idiosyncrasies. Texas law strives not to be authoritarian, but it does strive to be complete. If you’re looking to open up a business selling alcohol, you’ll want to check with a lawyer. Similarly, there are intrigues as pertain to things like education, politics, and real estate.

  1. Distance Is Usually Measured In Hours

There are approximately 268,597 square miles in the state of Texas. That’s 1,418,192,160 square feet. Los Angeles is approximately 500 square miles. You could fit 537 Los Angeles metropolitan areas—from Orange County to The Valley—in Texas. The state averages about 780 miles long and wide, if you were to travel from one end to the other either north or south.

Driving sixty miles an hour, that’s 13 hours either direction. For this reason, when people travel in Texas, they don’t tell you the distance in miles. They tell you the length of time it takes to travel from one point to another. Oftentimes they’ll round up to incorporate speed limits, and some are as high as 85 MPH; so you’ll want to keep these things in mind when you get directions.

Distance Is Usually Measured In Hours


  1. It’s Always Going To Be Hot Football Is Religion

Texans are in an ongoing war with the sun, and it’s hard to tell who is winning. There are millions of residents in the state, so it may very likely be the Texans. But that sun is incredibly hot, and heat stroke is a real issue across the state’s dry domain. You need to know how to handle the heat, and find living solutions which allow you to do so—or at least solid HVAC professionals who can install AC.

Dallas Galleria Apartments on UMoveFree can provide you a quality unit which includes a free move, or up to $200 in rebate. Additionally, they offer well-kept units designed to help residents escape the heat. This can be key in a July or August swelter where the mercury jumps above 100 degrees and refuses to come down for a couple days.

  1. Nobody Knows How To Deal With Snow

Snow represents Armageddon for many Texans. A lot of them come from places in the world where snow has never been seen. If you come from a state like Colorado or Wyoming, don’t be surprised if the threat of snow closes down schools. Even a dusting of snow can cause people to lose their minds, relatively speaking. Be careful of the snow!

  1. The Local Economy Is Great Now, And Football Is Religion

If you want to get into someone’s good graces, you’d better know how to sing the praises of the Dallas Cowboys. Football is a big deal in Texas, and the state has some of the most loyal fans—just watch the animated TV series King of the Hill to get an idea.

On a more serious note, the economy in places like Austin, Houston, and Dallas seems to be doing quite well. There’s a lot of opportunity as of 2019, and that trend appears to be expanding, so you might as well capitalize on it if you have the ability to do so.



Finding Your Place In One Of America’s Most Established States

Texas has much to recommend it. If you’ve never been, visit. If you’re thinking about moving to the state, this could be a wise move; but know what you’re in for. Texas is a beautiful, wide-open land of history, passion, opportunity, and good humor. Come for a visit, stay for a while.


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