5 Tips for Electrical Contractors to Become Better at Project Management

By on June 11, 2019

Project management is one of the most crucial tasks of an electrical contractor. The job comes with unique challenges and complexities, which is why it is also instrumental in business success. The good news is, project managers today can use software to automate most of the day to day tasks they need to perform. Some administrative processes can become cumbersome if you need to do them manually. With project management software, you have access to tools that will make planning, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting more efficient.

Project management software providers like eworksmanager.co.uk offer various types of resources and tools designed to make it easier for electrical contractors to handle projects and communicate with clients. With the right software, project management becomes a less complicated job. But in addition to sophisticated tools, managers also need to pay attention to specific skills that they need to hone to become better at their responsibilities. The following tips can help a new manager become more effective in handling a team of field workers.

Regular participation in training

Electrical contractors are not exempt from participating in training, which will give light to new techniques and skills in management. Every manager who wants to advance his career and help grow the business needs to keep an open mind to new ideas from outside the organisation. There is no better way to gain exposure and insight into the industry in general than to attend training.

Set goals and track progress

Completing tasks is only part of a manager’s job. What is most important is being able to set goals, track, and measure progress. When goals are measurable, the manager can better assess the team’s performance and identify what needs correction. Using a project management software can significantly help in setting goals and identifying key metrics required to measure progress and success.

Effectively manage and reduce risks

Problems and difficulties are all part of managing a business. When a business is just starting, it is easier to address these problems and come up with temporary solutions. But as the company grows, challenges also increase. Risk assessment is another crucial task that every manager needs to be good at. Project managers need to be able to decide when it is best to stop a project if the risks are deemed too high.

Selecting team members wisely 

An electrical contractor depends on a team of skilled and experienced individuals, and sourcing these skilled workers is another task that the project manager needs to participate in. Although finding talent is the primary job of human resources, project managers usually have the final say upon endorsement of recommended individuals. A good project manager knows what to look for in an employee and is not afraid to reject applicants that are not qualified for the job.

Project evaluation

Managers can delegate tasks to team members, but at times, it is also essential to be hands-on, especially in evaluating completed projects. Visibility is crucial if you want to gain the trust of your team members as well as build a better reputation with clients.

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