5 Ways You Can Use Subway Tiles To Redesign Your Kitchen

By on December 8, 2018
Subway Tiles To Redesign Your Kitchen

Subway tile has made a considerable leap not just in design, but in the entire architecture world. The beauty of it all is in its simplicity. A subway tile is typically a rectangular tile designed to seamlessly fit together in a particular pattern to create a spectacular array of smooth front.

Inspired by the beautiful city subways, subway tile for homes has a broader array of colors, installation patterns, and sizes; resulting in a much more magnificent look.

Classic white subway and black subway tiles are the most common colors. But today, designers have become more creative with a wider array of colors. Subway tiles are now available in multiple sizes either on a mosaic sheet or as an individual subway tile. Also, they can be matched or mixed to provide a distinctive look to a rather typical installation.

Subway tiles are classic with a touch of modernity perfect for any home. With minimal maintenance, they are classic enough to look great for years and withstand the test of time for many seasons to come. Here are 5 ways you can use subway tiles to redesign your kitchen.

1. Go Rustic with Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are a perfect choice for flooring your kitchen. They are durable ceramics, which are hardened through firing in a combustible pit or kiln. In a natural setting, terracotta tiles are a unique mix of red and earthen hues, which gives a rustic beauty to your kitchen floor. These tiles can be glazed and sealed to make them impervious to stains and resistant to damages. They give your kitchen floor an elegant look with a rustic feel that is rugged and subdued all at once.

Subway Tiles To Redesign Your Kitchen

2. Upgrade to Beveled

If you want to go boldly to a notch higher and away from the typical styles, then beveled subway tile is a perfect choice. Beveled is a 3 × 6-inch tile but with a unique texture that a regular 3 × 6 lacks. What’s more, beveled has an exquisite look in both traditional and modern design.

3. Spruce Up with Color

By tradition, subway tiles are white or a shade of white. But if you want something more appealing for your home with a unique twist to their standard installation, you can choose from an array of colors for your tiles. You can choose to go bold from a vast collection of hues. For instance, you can pair soft grey cabinets with gorgeous ice mint subway tiles.

4. Mirror a Modern look

Even though the brick tile pattern is regarded as the most common installation of the subway tile. If you desire to go bold, there is no reason to hold back. Defy the tradition and accomplish a more modern design. You can start by choosing a chick design by stacking the tiles for a gorgeous linear design

5. Play with the Size

Contrary to the popular misconception, subway tile is not a one size fit all. You can choose to use larger subway tiles in a smaller kitchen or vice versa. If you opt to go with the smaller subway tile, the 1 × 2-inch tile will be a perfect choice. Playing around with the sizes is one of the best ways to go by the trend while still preserving the simplicity of a low-key subway tile design.

If you still want to be a little bit more daring, you should choose the oversized subway tile design that comes with an array of colors to complement other elements of your kitchen. With over-sized tiles, your kitchen will have a more contemporary and trendy look. An added advantage of using larger subway tiles is that you will use very little grout, which definitely means less maintenance.

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