6 Benefits of Having Road Accident Cover in Your Two Wheeler Insurance

By on January 4, 2019
Two Wheeler Insurance

The roadside assistance cover can prove to be a boon in case your two-wheeler suffers a breakdown while commuting. You cannot buy this cover with a third party bike insurance policy, it is only available with a comprehensive plan. Thus, it is said that third party bike insurance provides insufficient coverage in the time of need. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a roadside assistance cover.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance Add-on

Battery Breakdown

Sometimes harsh weather condition or less use of the bike can lead to a dead battery. It usually charges when you use the vehicle to commute. Also, it is not a simple task to jump-start a batter if dead, it would need special types of equipment. In such a situation, you would require expert help to start the batter of your bike. Through the Roadside assistance cover under two wheeler insurance, you can avail this facility in case of an emergency situation involving a dead battery.

Minor Repairs

Most bike riders do not know the nitty gritty of the bike and why it broke down suddenly in the middle of the road. If your bike needs minor on-the-spot repairs, your insurance company can help you with the same via the roadside assistance cover under two wheeler insurance. A mechanic would be sent on the spot or you will receive assistance over the phone if required. This can ensure an uninterrupted journey despite minor faults in the bike that can be repaired instantly.

Flat tire

Replacing a flat tire is easier when you drive a car, however, it can be a challenging task for two-wheeler owners. Simply because people do not carry a spare tire on their bikes. In case of a tire puncture, visit the nearest garage would be eminent. In this situation, your insurer can help you. The company can arrange for your bike to be towed to the nearest garage or send a puncture kit and a mechanic to carry out the process on the spot.


The charges of towing a vehicle to the nearest garage can burn a hole in your pocket. If your bike gets damaged due to an accident, your insurance company can arrange a free towing facility to take your vehicle away. This may depend upon the terms and conditions of the insurer, however, many insurance companies offer a free towing facility in case of an accident.

Lost Keys

This may sound like a rare situation to be in, but if you have a decent amount of luggage to worry about, you may lose the bike keys easily. In such a situation you can be left stranded in an area you are not familiar with while on a trip. Instead of looking for options yourself, you can simply call your insurance provider and get a replacement of keys based on the model of your bike. In this situation, the roadside assistance cover under two wheeler insurance can prove to be a boon.

Fuel Refill

Sometimes it may slip your mind to refill the fuel tank of your bike. In this situation, you would be left helpless in the middle of the road unless you decide to push the bike all the way to the nearest fuel station. If this alternative does not work for you, call your insurance company and request a fuel refill if you have a roadside assistance cover under 2 wheeler insurance. You will get enough fuel to reach the fuel station and buy more fuel.

Some insurance companies may also provide additional coverage under the roadside assistance plan under 2 wheeler insurance. These may include accommodation if your bike needs major repairs and you do not know anyone in town. Alternate transport may be provided in case you live nearby and need to reach the destination


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