6 Major Benefits of Migrating to Cloud Hosting

By on January 30, 2018
Benefits of Migrating to Cloud Hosting

In the last few years or so, we have witnessed business from different sectors embarking on a new paradigm- Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting has allowed companies to be a part of the cloud environment and lap the benefits of cloud computing. Since cloud provides access to resources at anytime and from anywhere, working on the go has become much easier. In the due course of time, cloud as a service began providing customers more agility with application compatibility. This was true for new and legacy based applications as well. Moreover, as time progressed, organizations realised that they could reduce the time to market by migrating entirely to cloud hosting. These factors gradually grew upon companies in terms of advantages and companies started adapting cloud hosting.

Today, with more advancements made in cloud technology, cloud hosting providers are able to tailor their services according to the needs of the customers.This is largely due to the scalable and flexible nature of cloud hosting itself. With the advantages cloud hosting provides, it becomes necessary for any business or decision maker to know what makes cloud hosting so compelling and why migrating to the same would make sense. As we probe further, we came across some distinct characteristics of cloud hosting that are make it a destination worth relocating to. Sounds interesting? Let’s give it a read, shall we?

Benefits of Migrating to Cloud Hosting

  1. Unlimited Scalability

Cloud hosting provides a major advantage in terms of scaling. Whether it is scale up or down, cloud hosting as enough options in terms of resources. Secondly, your infrastructure can be set up in very little or no time and this is independent of adding or subtracting resources as per needs. Moreover with an able cloud hosting provider, you can host unlimited accounts without having to worry about web traffic.

  1. Reduced Cost

Cloud migration has reduced capital and operational expenditure. This is good news for any business or company looking to mitigate costs because with cloud hosting, you pay a little amount as a service charge instead of paying heavy duty license fees. Also, with cloud hosting, resources are only paid for when they are used. Which is why, companies don’t really feel the weight of migrating to cloud hosting. In addition to this, since a third party is taking the responsibility of maintaining the hosting, costs are saved there as well.

  1. Massive Storage

Cloud hosting allows you to store a lot of data than on any other hosting service. Besides, getting more storage space is not a task. It is quite easy. Since storage as a resource is getting cheaper by the day, the resources available to increase storage are also increasing. This has made companies choose cloud hosting providers instead of other web hosting providers. Moreover, your data that has to be stored is not bound by format when it comes to cloud storage. Another reason for businesses to move to cloud hosting.

  1. Automation Delivered

This has reduced the workload for many IT employees across various companies. Automation has reduced the time spent by the IT staff on keeping application up to date or even making gross changes in the hosting etc. Ever since all of this is managed by cloud hosting providers, your IT can focus on other important things like focusing on daily connectivity issues, tech issues with the machine etc.

Benefits of Migrating to Cloud Hosting

  1. Flexibility Enabled

Cloud hosting provides you the flexibility to test and deploy applications at ease. You can easily avail various applications as a service from your cloud hosting provider and also access the same through your company’s access point from anywhere. Moreover with cloud hosting, you can also take a backup and recover lost data in case of malware or cyber attacks.

  1. Better Mobility and Portability

Cloud hosting allows you to access data from anywhere but did you also know that you can run certain components and systems written for one environment in cloud environments as well? Initially this was not possible but as more and more businesses are adapting cloud hosting, it has become imperative for service providers and developers to make applications comply with cloud environments, leveraging the benefits of cloud. This has given organizations the freedom to choose any application on their cloud hosting.

With these factors giving businesses an edge when it comes to web hosting, it is a blind choice for anyone to pick cloud hosting as compared to anything else. With more advanced improvements made in the cloud technology with time, its impact on hosting is also inevitable. We hope that you will take some of these snippets into consideration while migrating to cloud hosting. Avail the benefits of cloud and scale your business further.


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