6 Tips To Maintain Your CNG Car

By on September 12, 2018
Tips To Maintain Your CNG Car

Buying CNG cars in India proves to be a viable option over buying cars that run solely on petrol or diesel. CNG gas is much cheaper in comparison with the other options available in the market. However, maintaining CNG vehicles is not the same as other vehicles. You need to take extra care and give extra attention.

6 Tips To Maintain CNG Car

Tip #1 Keep The levels in Check

You will find numerous options for getting a refill on your CNG car in India. If you choose an odd time to visit a gas station, you might find it deserted. While filling the CNG gas in the tank, keep the levels in check, do not overfill the tank. This will help prevent any dispersal of the gas.

Tip #2 Use the Auto mode

It is advised that you buy a CNG fitted vehicle directly from the manufacturer and not get it installed from a third party. This will ensure you get the Auto fuel mode in your car’s settings. Using the auto mode helps increase the engine’s life. This is because the vehicle will start with the use of petrol first and then automatically switch to the CNG fuel option.

Tip #3 Park your car in the shade

Parking your car in direct sunlight may have an adverse effect on the CNG car as there are chances of the CNG gas leaking out in direct heat. Also, you may lose the gas to evaporation faster as compared to petrol or diesel.

Tip #4 Throttle body

The throttle body is a valve that connects the air filter and air intake pipe. To keep your CNG car in good condition, it is advised that you get the Throttle body cleaned every 10,000 kms. This will ensure the proper functioning of the cooling system of your car.

Tip #5 CNG Tuning

It is necessary that you regularly get a CNG tuning done on your vehicle. Also, this needs to be done by a specialist person. You can visit the authorized service center if your car’s CNG kit is company fitted. Getting it done by an unqualified person may lead to problems like increased engine vibration, irregular acceleration, etc.

Tip #6 Regular replacement of spark plugs

In a CNG vehicle, the spark plugs tend to wear out faster as compared to vehicles running on other fuel types. Fortunately, there are options which will save you the frequent replacement of the spark plugs. One of the options is to use special spark plugs meant for CNG cars. Another option is to request your mechanic to reduce the gap between the metallic tip of your plug and the actual source of spark. This will increase the life of your car’s spark plug.

What Is The Importance Of A Car Insurance Policy?

A car insurance policy can save you from major financial losses which can suddenly occur due to accidents. Firstly, any car insurance policy includes a third-party liability cover which covers you if you injure a person or damage others’ property. Here, without a car insurance policy, you would have had to pay the complete compensation for the losses incurred from your pocket. The worst case could be if you accidentally caused someone’s death.

A car insurance policy can be of two types – third-party liability policy or comprehensive policy. As mentioned earlier, a third-party car insurance policy will protect you from any costs related to other people and their damage. But, will not extend a coverage for repairing damages to your car. The damage caused to your car can be covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy. This policy covers you for situations like theft, natural calamities, man-made calamities, etc.


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