7 Best Universities to Consider for Higher Education in Germany

By on August 29, 2018
Education in Germany

Germany has been often cited as one of the most supportive countries for international students. That can be realized from the fact that international or overseas students pay the same tuition fees as local students in Germany. Interestingly, many German universities don’t charge a fee at all.

It is likely you are bothered by the same doubt as your peers. Doubts about the language, these courses are taught in, are likely considering it is a country with a first language other than English. But as English is becoming a common language, many German universities and institutes have adapted to the changing times. Having said that, many German universities teach courses in English, while most of them teach the entire course in English.

With hundreds of universities located across the country it is common to feel swarmed with options. But it is always advisable to research satisfactorily before applying to any of those universities or institutes.

To make that task easier for you, here we share a list of seven best universities to consider for higher education.

Humbolt University of Berlin

First is the Humbolt University of Berlin, one of the oldest universities in Berlin. A hardcore research university, Humbolt provides opportunities to work with world renowned faculty in various fields including quantitative economics, history of science, and climate and sustainability research. This makes it a perfect university for you if you fancy scientific research.

Technical University Munich

Perfect for both bachelor in Munich as well as master in Munich, the Technical University Munich or Technische Universität München or simply TUM excels in more technical fields such as engineering. Good for those of you considering courses involving research and engineering, TUM has partnerships with various prestigious universities including U.S. schools like Stanford, MIT, Georgia Tech and Cornell. Not only USA but also this university has partnerships across Asia and Europe.

Freie University of Berlin

As a top ranking and largest of the four research universities in Berlin, Freie University of Berlin attracts brilliant students from across the globe. It is particularly strong in arts and humanities and social sciences, and has branch offices in China, United States, Russia, Egypt, Belgium and India.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Offering over a hundred areas of study, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is one of the oldest universities. It attracts students across the globe with interests in the fields of business, psychology, management and physics, for an increasingly large number of classes here are offered in English language.

Heidelberg University

One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Western Europe, Heidelberg University performs best in the field of science. You must note though, most of the classes in this university are taught in German.

University of Freiburg

This university offers popular intensive German language courses at its language teaching center. Its global students program, which is a distinguished international master’s program in English is a major draw among international students.

Schiller International University

A true international university, Schiller International University has its campuses in US and Europe. While the main campus is in Florida, USA, its first and largest campus is in Heidelberg, Germany, and initially began as a study program in Germany for Americans.

Education in Germany

While these were the seven best universities to study in Germany and are located in various parts of Germany including Berlin, Munich and Heidelberg, there are many more universities that you can consider for higher education in Germany. If you are considering a bachelor’s then perhaps Munich in Germany is a fabulous choice. For a bachelor in Munich you have several options. One of those options is the EU Business School.

Established in 1973, it has gained an international presence with campuses in Munich, Barcelona, Montreux and Geneva. Along with bachelor courses, it also offers master’s, MBA, DBA and further education programs that focus on business administration, international business, communication, tourism, finance, digital business and entrepreneurship that are taught in English language in small and dynamic classes. Widely chosen by international students it offers experiential learning involving learning from leaders and programs such as campus exchange.

Despite the plethora of information available online, we would advise you to learn more about the campus, course, classes, curriculum et al, make your own list of pros and cons and then decide which university meets your requirements the best.

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