7 Things You Need to Know While Choosing Kitchen Appliances

By on May 14, 2017
kitchen appliances

It is a series of important decisions that you are supposed to take when it comes to kitchen renovation. Things get even more daunting at times when you start thinking of dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and other appliances. While considering the major kitchen accessories (counters, worktops, cabinets, materials etc.) and all the appliances, you need to be highly concerned about quality and durability. Since you are spending plenty of budgets on something that has to do with the look, ambiance and elegance of your kitchen space, it’s suggested not to compromise with the quality at any cost.

Allot of Appliances

While choosing appliances, the smart mover here would be to get along with strategic budgeting. This technique has always worked as it helps to pick the most suitable items alongside being reasonable with budget. It’s recommended not to spend more than 8% budget of your kitchen renovation upon the kitchen appliances.

Planning Does Help

In case you are willing to save plenty of budgets so that it can be spent on something else, it’s better to cut some budget of the major appliance that connect to the utilities like electric, water and gas. This would help you be more focused towards major renovation that’s your kitchen accessories (counters, worktops, cabinets, materials etc.)

Elite but Reasonable

While heading to pick the appliances, people mostly prioritize the high end and classy options that aren’t cost effective either. Although it’s great to go with elegant looking appliances but what if you could maintain your demand for a classy look while going for less expensive options. It’s only possible if you stay neutral with the color choices like you can pick the white, gray or beige colors as they are universal and less expensive as well. Mostly, these colors are suitable for all seasons and won’t even look outdated.

Space for Fridge

While heading to buy a new fridge, it’s important to make sure that you are a bit flexile with taking measurements for the space. Fridge must not be fitted in a packed corner as it needs some negative space for the airflow. In fact, any kitchen appliance that has to do with consistent heat-up, should be fitted with a space of at least 1 inch or 2. While ensuring the sufficient airflow space, it’s important to do a door check as well.

Stainless Steel

It’s a big ‘Yes’ if you are ambiguous about is stainless steel durable or not. In fact, it’s highly essential to go with optimum durability while choosing the appliances. Just like you are concerned about the quality of kitchen accessories (counters, worktops, cabinets, materials etc.), it’s important to consider the long lasting attributes of kitchen appliances as well. It has been noticed that 3 out of 4 prefer stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel is very well known for its resistance to rust and water. Besides that, stainless steel does increase the value of your home.


This has to be entirely up to your choice because it has more to do with your need as well as preference. Buy the refrigerator that does not have any additional options or go with the one that has ice and water dispenser in it. Whatever you choose, get ready for the future maintenance as well. If you are okay with confronting all the future repairs especially in refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, only then go for this one otherwise refrigerator is the most suitable choice.

Electricity vs. Gas

You would surely come across a phase when you might get stuck while choosing the stove either of gas or electricity. Mostly, stoves models are known to cook more quickly but they would cost higher. Conversely, electric models are easier with use, cooking and cleanup but these are more prone to damage from dropped liquids and spots. Choice is all yours, you can go with the electric one if you prefer the sleek cooktop.


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