7 Unique Ideas for a Hen Party

By on October 3, 2017
Hen Party


If you need to organize a hen party, you might not want to arrange something like the standard hen parties that everybody seems to have. Whether you’re planning your own or planning it for somebody you know, coming up with some different and unique ideas can be a challenge. Here are seven fun and unique ideas that you might want to try out and incorporate into the hen party.

1. Baking

You don’t have to make it into boring baking sessions, but you can get a few drinks, buy some baking supplies and get everyone making cakes and cookies with a certain theme. You can eat them all afterwards too – what a bonus!

2. Massages and pamper parties

Not everybody wants to do something adventurous and wild on their hen party, and if the bride-to-be seems like she just needs to relax and chill out for the night, you can hire beauty specialists to come and pamper everyone attending the party. Hens massage Brisbane companies can be found locally and further afield, and everybody can enjoy a relaxing massage with other pampering treatments too, such as pedicures, manicures and a blow dry.

3. Celebrate somewhere different (in the air or under the water!)

If you want to do something really unique that none of your friends will have done (or probably will ever do!), celebrate somewhere totally different. You can go up in a plane or a hot air balloon, or hire a pool or visit the beach to celebrate under the sea. The only problem with these types of celebrations is that you can’t always fit large numbers of people, so think carefully about how many are attending the party.

4. Go alcohol-free

This is a good idea if you’re inviting lots of people who don’t drink alcohol or if the bride-to-be is pregnant, for example. It might not be an exciting idea if everybody is desperate to have a drink, but it’s certainly a unique idea that many would consider a big challenge.

5. Have a sponsored event

You can raise some money for a charitable cause through your hen night – don’t drink any alcohol and get people to sponsor you, or have a sponsored silence until 9pm on the night (or another time of your choice). You could also have the bride-to-be and a couple of other attendees (such as the mother of the bride or bridesmaids) do a bungee jump or skydive earlier on in the day and see how much money you can raise in sponsorship money.

6. Invite the

It can be boring sometimes if you only invite the girls, so why not invite the men to join in too? You could invite all the guys involved in the wedding, as well as the partners of any women. Alternatively, invite some men but not the main men involved in the big day, for example, don’t allow the groom or the best man in on the party!

7. Glamping

Camping is a bit too much for a group of women sometimes, so you can always take it to the next level and get everyone to go glamping. This usually takes place in pods or huts rather than tents, and you’ll get showers, baths and some other luxuries too. A great idea if you want to go away to the countryside with your main girl friends for a weekend.

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