7 Ways to Surprise the One You Love and surprise with Send a gift

By on June 13, 2018
Send a gift

When you love someone or want to Send a gift, you’re constantly looking for ways to make them happy. One of the things which makes many people happy is surprises. While some people hate surprises, this is normally surprises which involve a lot of people, such as large birthday parties and extravagant gestures. You can still surprise the person you love without making dramatic gestures and making them feel awkward. Here are some special surprises you can arrange. 

  1. Send them a random gift

Even if you live together, you can organise something to be delivered to your house for them. One of the most common types of surprises is chocolate delivery Sydney – you can arrange this for a specific date and time if necessary or even to arrive the same day. 

  1. Send a gift to their place of work

Rather than having something delivered to the house, you can organise something to be delivered to wherever your loved one works. This is a particularly good idea if you know something big is happening at their office or you know they have been having a tough time at work. You might hear from them in the morning that the day isn’t going well, so if you’re organised enough you could even have something delivered that same afternoon.

  1. Write a letter or card

Since texts and emails are so common these days, receiving a handwritten letter or card brings a real personal touch to it. Most people barely ever receive a card or letter which has been written by hand, so take five minutes to put some thoughts down and send it out with the mail.

  1. Book a surprise trip

This takes a little bit more planning that some of the other ideas, since you have to make sure that they are free during the dates that you book the trip for. You also need to make sure that they are happy to travel to a certain destination, and you need to keep it a surprise even with many moving parts which could be involved in the plan. 

  1. Take them somewhere they don’t know about

Book dinner out somewhere on a Friday evening, or check the cinema times and tell them you’re going somewhere as a surprise. This works particularly well if you know there’s somewhere or something that they really want to see – with some good planning you can make it happen and give them a great surprise.

  1. Surprise them with somebody else they love

Perhaps they have family living far away or even in another country – book tickets to go and see them or invite them over without mentioning it to the recipient of the surprise! This is a great idea and can really bring a lot of happiness to several people in the process.

  1. Tell them some good news

If you have some good news that you have been keeping a secret for a while, book a surprise dinner out or trip away and use this opportunity to break the news to them. This means that you’ll be able to give them more than one surprise, creating great moments for both of you.

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