8 Trips That Changed the World

By on January 3, 2019
Trips That Changed the World

Adventurers changed the history of humanity and discovered really impressive places.

In antiquity many were the travelers who let themselves be invaded by the adventurous feeling and decided to know and discover the world.  Thanks to them, we now know that there is no corner of the planet to investigate and we can observe them with our own eyes.  In addition, they brought knowledge and wealth to both the ancient and modern worlds. We tell you some trips that changed the history of humanity and in which really impressive places were discovered.

  1. The trips of Marco Polo

There is no clear and established route that explains the route that this traveler followed, the easiest thing you can do is take a backpack and travel, starting in India, the countries of Asia. Marco Polo discovered new civilizations and analyzed their social behavior for more than two decades. He toured Asia, China, Indonesia and Persia, where he brought gifts from the locals.

  1. The first trip to Everest

The first to reach the top of the largest mountain in the world were the travelers Sherpa Tenzig Norgay and Edmund Hillary. From here, many have been those who have dared to perform this feat. The adventure must begin in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Discover America with Christopher Columbus

One of the most famous trips in the history of mankind. Columbus left the Port of Palos in Huelva, to trace a new trade route between Spain and India, but his mistake led to the discovery of America for Europeans. The first thing he observed was the Bahamas, the paradisiacal islands admired by any traveler.

  1. The South Pole with Roald Amundsen

The Norwegian Roald Amundsen decided at the beginning of the 20th century to make an expedition to the South Pole, a piece of land that was still to be discovered. The most visited area by tourists is the Antarctic Peninsula, because it is much more accessible than the interior zone, which, on the other hand, is more dangerous. The trip should start in Funchal, in Portugal.

  1. Vasco de Gama touring India

India had already been discovered and was a land close to the Europeans, but it was not until the voyage that Vasco de Gama undertook when the maritime trade began to grow. The traveler wanted to find a direct route between Europe and India to activate maritime trade. The route can be done by boat or train, always from Lisbon (Portugal) to Kerala (India).

  1. The expedition of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark decided to cross the United States before the Europeans took it as a conquest, in order to discover in a unique way what the civilization of North America was like. During their trip they studied vegetation and different civilizations, which helped them, explain in detail how the country was.

  1. Magallanes and his travels

For three years, Fernando Magallanes discovered a new route between Spain and Indonesia, which promoted the trade of spices in our country. In addition to being a commercial success, he proved that the Earth is round and could be surrounded to find new routes. The origin of the trip takes place in Seville; it is advisable to cross it by land, instead of by sea, since it is much more comfortable.

  1. The expedition of Captain James Cook

Cook was an excellent cartographer who helped discover and colonize Australian lands. His time in Tahiti and Coromandel in New Zealand allowed him to make unique maps of the New Zealand coast with very few mistakes, a really complicated task even today.


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