9 Home Decor Trends to Follow in 2019

By on January 9, 2019

It all comes down to your living abode at the end of your day. When you are headed back home, all you expect is a cozy atmosphere, which can lighten your evening. All our hardships are focused on making life an easy affair. Last year was epic as we saw numerous trends cropping up in every sector. With globalization in place and ease of doing business catching up, we have watched enormous developments. Adding that extra tinge to your living abode can do miracles both on the personal as well as on the professional front.

A drastic shift has been noticed when it comes to home décor trends. People now prefer matt over glossy finishes and anything that has a natural touch is what people are considering adopting more in 2019. Target Coupons enlists 9 home décor trends, to watch out in 2019:

Adding Wooden Finishes: Wood has been into trends in terms of flooring. However, in New Year we would see more use of wooden fixtures and finishes. With target coupon the stress of paying more has gone since this trend has been in been in the good books of many people. The natural finish in every aspect, be it kitchen or a living room area. Moreover, wooden finish with matt look adds up to it. It has been scientifically proven that woods have better sound absorbing capacity, which is quite calming for living room options. Any space while reflecting the world around your home becomes more organic.

Natural Room Tones: Gone are the days when each and every wall in the living room used to be preferably filled with different colors. Now is the time to just add the serenity to it with more of white tone. Adding even earthy shades is also a more looked upon choice as per upcoming design trends in 2019. Add serene and calm ambiance with target coupons on these elements.

Adding more Liveliness: Inclusion of liveliness can infuse the freshness in one’s house. Adding indoor plants is a good way to infuse the liveliness quotient. These, not only add on to the natural appeal but also help in maintaining a better ecosystem inside one’s house. Some of the recent researches in terms of indoor plants suggests that few of these act as powerhouses of oxygen. Such plants which have recently gained attention in indoor décor include Arica Palm, Mother-in-law tongue etc.

Include Antiques: If you are a sculpture lover and love to include in your home décor, try adding some antiques in your décor project. Antiques have been around for quite a long time and are now catching up more. It might be heavy on one’s pocket, but they add everlasting décor aroma inside the house. Get them with target coupons.

Furnishing with Velvet: Velvet has always seen as something which old fashioned and fuller, and also a luxurious statement. This fabric has already begun gaining a lot of interest by many leading designers with a belief that a velvet decor will be one of the most sought-after trends in 2919. Target coupons can actually give it discounted prices.

Floral Patterns: Floral pattern is the only decorating item which can get out of trend. It has been around for a while and will be around in 2019 as well. But it has emerged in a new light as many decorators expect to find exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors used for this timeless decor pattern. Floral patterns are appealing and so shop it with target deals. A spring and summer pattern can be exclusive if the visualization is strong enough. It is the number one trend and customized.

Muted Coloured Pallets: Though rich colors can be viewed as something which will help to make spaces feel overwhelming according to what designers believe. In 2019 this trend can be defined as the being bold with colors. These muted hues in your home can make your decor more pop yet fuller. Lookout for more statement reds, dramatic pinks,  organic yellows, and bold greens. As it is the new neutral. It can be paired with naturals and greys for a serene palette. According to Rob Royer, CEO of Interior Define, “It can be combined with bold colors like navy, forest green, or citrine, and it allows the bold color to be the hero”. Now anyone can shop rich color pallets with target coupons.

Go Black and White: A truly timeless design trend, black and white furnishings will want to be on your list of trends to incorporate into your home’s decor this 2019. This contrast of black and white can be visualized in a classy yet decent approach which will exhibit a sense of boldness and balance to your home’s space. Want to decorate home with black and white? Do it with target coupons.

Light in Vintage Style: This trend can be a shocker to make as it is back this new year. These vintage lights are expected to view with less exposed lighting and more of vintage sconces and pendants, in copper and brass finishes. In 2019 which will be a year of trending designs which are coming together simultaneously. Shop these trading vintage lights with target coupons. These retro lights tend to create a different twist to the area. Some of these lights are designed to be popular for places like the wall lighting, kitchen area and above the dining area. One can use them as a fixture itself or as a piece of art on the walls or maybe peas a centerpiece of your table.  Do get scared of industrial. Vintage lights are no longer unfinished or brutal, and can easily be styled as it belongs to a niche of retro fans. With its updated look, it fits perfectly in 2019 décor or for that matter in any year.

These trends are gaining a steady rise in the requests of the people who want to update their home decor. The possible reason could be that because of hotels which have their bedroom suites inspiring or maybe people are seeking these well-thought elements of trends and inspiring society. Go with any style and make a home special.

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