Why is Abstract Art priced at Millions When a Child Too Can Make One?

By on November 9, 2017

“What’s so unique about it?”, “isn’t it over-priced?’, “Even my 5-years old child can make that.”, “I will never understand, how these art collectors get the emotion or thought behind these geometrical shapes.”, or “In my opinion, Abstract art should not even be considered as an art form.”

The aforesaid phrases and questions are the ones which are most commonly heard and said by the novice persons in the world of art. Infact, you might have had said some of these yourself while gazing at the artworks rather abstract artworks online or offline.

Hence, this blog is being written to calm your inquisitions and apprehensions for once and for all. Keep reading to know why even the simplest art like the famous abstract art piece ‘Black Square’ and many others are priced at millions.

  • To some extent, it is true that a child too can make abstract art but the depth that all the abstract art works have is far from their reach and ability. Surely, your kid or you can make one and call yourself an artist but a good artist creates something that touches others.
  • Art is something that resonates in different way with every heart or mind that understands. So, if say ten people or even your family members will witness a particular abstract painting for the first time, each one of you will derive a different meaning from it.
  • Abstract art has never been about good representation. You should always free your mind from the pre-conceived notions of art. Looking at abstract art beyond its physical appearance will make you understand the true feeling behind.
  • Understand that not just abstract art but every other art form too has some not so good works and some brilliant works. This is the reason why you should not generalise your opinion about abstract art.
  • See some famous abstract art pieces and you will get to know how huge the difference is, in the paintings of that of a toddler and of an artist. Though, initially it will be hard for a non-expert to get the process of the painting but once a person develops the interest in it, they will learn the true value of it.
  • The abstract art is not as simple as it seems to be. There are many things that an artist keep in mind like the geometry, the constructs, patterns, linguistics, the optics, shades and the other tricks and tools. This is what creates a major difference in the art of a child and the art made by an artist.

Hopefully, you would have had got the answer to your question. Apart from the points mentioned above, you can also take an art history course, if you are an art enthusiast or a collector. This would help you a lot in understanding abstract arts.
Thereafter, who knows, you might end up owning a famous abstract art piece someday.

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