Amazing Benefits of Giloy juice for everybody

By on October 12, 2016
Benefits of Giloy juice

There has been an increase in the occurrence of several types of diseases in India in almost every season. The number of cases reported each year for diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, malaria, and other such diseases is on the rise. The main concern is that although we have advanced in so many ways in terms of medicines and medicinal technology, there still remains a gap in the availability of these facilities for common man easily. Also, the immunity system of most people now-a-days is severely compromised due to poor lifestyle and increase in contagious diseases. So what are the options left for common man?

We Indians are one of the luckiest few people on this planet because we have an abundant resource of herbs and spices which can be lifesaving. Since centuries, various herbs, their pastes and their juices have been used in cooking, medicine, and even for cosmetic purposes. Giloy, also known as guduchi, amrita, tantrika, and kundalini is one such miraculous herb and giloy juice for dengue is very popular remedy used many parts of India. There are a number of reasons why giloy juice is used to treat people suffering from dengue and many other medical conditions. Here are a few more interesting details about this wonderful liquid:

  • Giloy juice is antipyretic. This means that it can be used to treat various types of fevers caused by chronic and occasional diseases too. So whether a person has high fever because of a bad case of influenza or suffering from typhoid and malaria, the stem’s juice can be used to bring down the fever so that a person doesn’t suffer from further complications such as internal organs’ damage.
  • The juice is a fantastic promoter of the growth of white blood cells. These are responsible for fighting against virus and bacteria that cause diseases and it also helps a person remain strong enough during the period of illness. So the juice helps in getting rid of the cause of the diseases quickly.
  • Apart from reducing fever, the juice is also known to reduce the inflammation of body parts due to illnesses.
  • Giloy juice for uric acid related problems is also a well-known treatment procedure. One of the best ways to use giloy juice to deal with urinary tract related problems is to mix the juice with amla and ginger powder. You can also add a little bit of honey and use it twice every day to keep the uric acid levels in control.
  • The bitter taste of the herb is actually very good to kill any microorganisms that find shelter within our body. The absence of such disease-causing microorganisms is also beneficial for the digestive system. Food gets digested better and faster so a person does not have any problems related to excreting waste either.

People with body aches, arthritis, swine flu, and liver related problems too can benefit from the use of this juice. Just mix this with other herbs or medicinal powders according to the problems that you suffer from and see how quickly you beat them, easily!


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