An Introduction to White Hat SEO

By on June 24, 2018
White Hat SEO

When it comes to SEO, there aren’t necessarily any hard and fast rules that you would want to follow strictly. On the other hand, there are a few strategies, which when followed, lead you to a clean increase in business since you have selected to follow the exact path instead of unethical SEO.

Let me familiarise you to White Hat SEO, so you can say if you are putting in the right SEO strategies to support growth to your website and business via your content. White Hat SEO, when applied correctly, can be a huge achievement and boost your website’s ranking. Here are some of the practices that are utilised in white hat SEO as of today:

Unique Content:

Yes, you said it right.

Nothing can beat a well written, well-structured and useful article that is comprehensively unique. This is the supreme method to confirm that your content shows up in any search engine, even if you select to skip on the significant keywords and their density.

Meta data and Titles:

There’s a huge reason why it is vital to give a significant title to your article. This is since your web page’s content will be fundamentally judged by what its title is. Title plays a very significant role in serving your article zoom on the top of a search list.

Using the right keywords:

Not all relevant keywords work when you opt for SEO. You want to research well for the most relevant keywords that are searched by the customers. It isn’t vital either that a single keyword will do the job; you may want to use expressions of keywords as well.

Linking Quality links to your page:

What can be further striking to a viewer of he/ she finds relevant links on your webpage that approve he finds precisely what he/ she was seeing for? This is a great idea to retain your viewer involved on your webpage. Go for unique contents and links that direct the viewer to further quality content. Refrain from adding links that have smallest or no worth to your content. This can be a real turn down for readers who are looking for quality. A well maintained website with the correct links promote a sense of professionalism and confirms that the reader will be back on your page soon enough when they want something relevant. This is one sure way to keep your viewers coming back to check your page.

The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Swap Dial and Agrraj Consultancy Services


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