An Overview of Stress Management

By on May 27, 2019
Stress Management

Stress is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. However,since chronic stress can lead to serious health complications, it’s important to understand the techniques of stress management for a healthy living. Before learning about stress management, let us first understand how stress affects our body and some of the most common causes of stress.

What Is Stress?

Stress is our body’s response to changes in our lives. Since life involves constant changes, inability to adapt to them can cause physical, emotional or psychological stress.While minor stress may produce feelings of mild anxiety or frustration, chronic stress can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, and many other physical and psychological conditions.Some of the most common causes of stress are given below:

Everyone has different triggers for stress. However, work stress is the most common form of stress in today’s generation. Lack of job satisfaction, heavy workload, and long working hours can take a toll on the psychological well-being of an individual.

Other unfortunate life instances like loss of a loved one, increased financial obligations, a terminal illness, loss of job, etc. can also give birth to chronic stress.

However, more often than not the causes of stress are internal rather than external. Irrational fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, inferiority complex and negative outlook towards life cause chronic stress. This sort of stress is more likely to give birth to serious psychological conditions like anxiety and depression.

Effective Stress Management

Stress can be effectively managed by developing essential coping skills. By monitoring your thought pattern and by challenging your irrational beliefs, you can effectively relieve yourself of unwanted stress.

Living in the present moment is a wonderful way of managing stress. It will enable you to take your mind off of your past worries and future uncertainties. Practicing mindfulness and other meditation techniques are also great coping mechanisms for stress management.

Though you might find it difficult to completely eliminate stress from your life, long-term healthy habits such as exercise and healthy eating habits can help you manage stress in a better way. Moreover, sharing your concerns with your friends and family or even seeking professional help can minimize your stress effectively.

Quick stress relievers like breathing exercises can help calm the body’s physiology once the stress response is triggered. Discovering several stress management techniques, and then choosing a mix that fits your needs, can prove to be a key strategy for effective stress relief.

Managing stress effectively is always better than enduring the several complications that arise due to chronic stress. However, to be on a safer side it is recommended to have a health insurance policy in place. Medical insurance can help you take care of heavy medical expenses. Additionally, with the help of leading financial institutions, you can customize health insurance plans according to your needs and requirements. Nowadays, health insurance plans can be easily availed through an online application process offered by most of the financial institution.


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