Apps Prudent Parents Use to Control Their Children

By on March 19, 2018
Apps Prudent Parents

You give a child a smart phone with an internet connection and you just expose that innocent live to millions on online predators and bullies. This is why it is said that children and mobile phones are a really scary combination. Your kid may be just using your family tablet but you can’t control what he is using it for and who is contacting him through it. Children are naïve and gullible and can easily trust people. This is why parents need to really look after their children.

The online world can really be a dangerous place for people and this is precisely why prudent developers have developed mobile apps that run on android devices that track the behavior of children on smart phones. Amongst such apps is the hoverwatch android phone tracker app that can help parents in controlling their children through technology. Although there are many other apps that can monitor and limit the mobile phone activity of children, experts say that only the trustworthy apps should be used. There are parents who worry a lot about cyber bullying and too much screen time and for their convenience, we have decided to feature top apps that parents can use to control their children in a secure fashion. Here they are:

Dinner Time

This is a free app which allows parents lock and unlock their kid’s android device remotely. This means that whenever you child is misbehaving, you can lock their cell phone and they can sit all day sulking around.  This also comes in handy a lot when you really want to limit the cellphone usage of your child during study time, bedtime and even dinner time. There is a handicap to this app and that is this device works only on Android phones. So if you want to use this, make sure that your child is using a cellular device that runs on Android.


This application is for children and teenagers who are really difficult to handle and parents have difficulty in getting them around to submit their smartphones for parental inspections. This interesting app allows parents to have check on all the mobile activity of their kids without them knowing. Yes, you can try hidden GPS tracker that comes with this app to monitor your child’s location as well. You children will never know that they are being tracked.

In order to access the tracked data you have to make an online account on Hoverwatch website. You can also download the application from here. Once it is downloaded just install it on your child’s smart phone. It will work in the background, track all activity at all times and send logs on the online portal. Yes, the tracked data is securely sent to on online portal and you can access everything from here. Always be on the ball regarding your children’s mobile activities with this one.  If you have a stubborn teenager at home who you think is involved in some wrong activity that may eventually be harmful for him/her, then it is a must use app for you.


Whether it’s screen-time control or remote management of your kids’ smartphones, Xnspy comes in pretty handy and affordable for both. Whether you want to set no-phone zones around dinner, study or sleep time, or want to control how your kids use their phones, you can do that all with Xnspy.

Xnspy has improved its services since its release 4 years ago. Currently, there are 35 monitoring features that Xnspy provide. Every feature is super-detailed and provides you all the necessary details. Monitor phone call logs, texts, social media, and even your kids’ email. Moreover, you could track your children’s location wherever they go with their phones. For a decent price, Xnspy is an all-around smartphone monitoring solution for your family.


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