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By on February 6, 2017
crumb cake

One of the most traditional and oldest recipes known is the crumb cake. It is easy to make and also is tasty. It is popularly called the Streusel kuchen. Here, Streusel stands for crumb and kuchen means cake. It was in Poland that this dessert was first prepared. Presently, it is being cooked and served the world over with its own adaptations. It is recognized by the baking family as flat 1” fermented dough that is coroneted with thick crumbly topping.

Know the preparation

Those who do not have to prepare cakes can either go through the preparation process given below or simply order online birthday cakes of their choice from one of the reputed online sites. The crumb cake preparation is indeed an easy process. There are several ingredients that are involved in the preparation process. Two stepped method present includes creating flat dough as well as separate crumbly topping. The divine, dense and mellow dessert could be served at brunch, breakfast or at any point of time when desired.

The crumb cake’s topmost part is considered to be the thickest layer. It is after this that the dessert has been named. Preparing it is fast and involves the basic ingredients like butter, sugar, all-purpose flour (in 1:1:2 ratio). Depending upon the moods and taste buds, even crushed pistachios, cashews, cinnamon and cashews can be included. Butter, cinnamon and sugar are to be mixed in a bowl. Then the contents are to be poured into all-purpose flour. Hands are to be used for mixing properly the contents to get better crumb consistency.

As the crumb top has been created, it is to be allowed to sit for about 30 minutes. Moreover, the prepared streusel could be combined with puffed pastries, muffins, apple crisps or coffee cakes.

Cake recipe

Main ingredients of the Crumb cake include shortening, flour, baking powder, salt, milk and egg yolks. Cake flour is to be used for dough preparation. Ingredients then get mixed together for forming consistent and smooth batter. To get better results, dough should be allowed to rise around 30 – 40 minutes. When it is ready, slurry is to be poured into the flat oven tray. It is over the top that the streusel is to be spread. Combination is to be baked for about 45 minutes at 325 degrees.

It is indeed a fabulous German dessert that is sure to be loved by everyone. To make it all the more appealing, it needs to be topped with cherries and crowned using whipped cream. This is sure to enhance the taste buds. Also, using chocolate sauce and caramel, it can be candied for enhancing sweet tones.

Filings and variants

Different types of fillings can be used to prepare this cake recipe, mainly sour and fresh fruits like cherries, rhubarb, berries, gooseberries, etc. Baking powder can be used instead of yeast. Dry fruits and apricots when added to it can make the care all the more delicious and mouth-watering. It is now ready to be served and can be a wonderful birthday cake India to be gifted to the beloved one.

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