Benefits of Booking Directly With Hotels Online

By on March 20, 2018
Benefits of Booking Hotel Online

Booking a vacation has become much easier with the presence of the Internet. You can just search for hotels in a few clicks and go through all the details in mere seconds. Booking any kind of hotel onlinehas become an industry in itself with so many portals offering you different deals, packages and ease of convenience. However, a lot of these portals do not reflect the correct prices for some hotels and may end up making you pay more for a room. A lot of hidden costs can severely extend your travel budget and compromise on the perfect vacation experience.

Hotel websites, however, provide a lot of information and detail about the property itself and the costs that you might have to pay. Additionally, booking hotels from a website can get you a lot of perks and advantages that you will not find on other booking portals. Hotels like The LaLiT give you accurate property information, details about their rooms, amenities, and more. Here are a few advantages of booking hotels through their own websites.

Concierge Service

Most online hotel booking portals will limit their interaction or have long waiting times when it comes to interacting with their staff, as they handle a lot of traffic in real time. Hotel websites take care of your specific needs by providing concierge services that tend to all the enquiries you might have. From airport or station pickups to queries about the spa or gym services, the concierge will help you with everything and more!

No Commissions

A lot of websites which deal with multiple hotels and tour packages tend to add the costs of the tour operator they have tied up with, and the total cost inflates and it is not in your control. Luckily, booking through individual hotel websites can reduce those costs drastically. Hotel websites have no hidden costs as you are directly viewing those tariffs without the help of any tour or travel company. The lack of any commission will also help you conserve your budget for other expenditure on your vacation,so that you do not miss out on anything.


Direct hotel bookings are helpful for people who have specific expectations from their rooms. Adding extra beds, wheelchair service and other such needs are seldom identified by booking portals. You can get your food requirements and your room requirements sorted out before you even go there if you book through the hotel site directly. So the next time you feel like the pillows in hotels are always not to your liking, let the staff know when you are booking your next vacation!


In the event of any last-minute cancellations after booking a heftily priced package from a tour agency or website, you will be destined to lose out on a lot of money. Hotel websites eliminate those costs and give you choices like refundable or provisional bookings that can be converted into real bookings once you reach the hotel, ensuring that your travel does not get affected even if your plans do!

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