Best 3 ways to convert WAV to MP3

By on May 1, 2019
convert WAV to MP3

For starters, there’s no doubt in the fact that WAV files are a great way to preserve the quality and sound of an audio recording and it’s a one great way to save your files on the computer but then on the other hand there’s another reality that not all devices can support the WAV format which is where he need to convert files comes up. Speaking of file conversion, yes you will find a lot of links and sites that will claim easy conversions but that’s not true. In fact, most of these sites and softwares will just be waste of your time and you won’t even get your file converted into MP3 format.

However, don’t worry because no matter what the problem is, we are here to cover it for you. Today we are going to put down some of the best softwares right in front of you that can easily help you in converting your WAV files to MP3 format. So, make sure to note down what we are about to tell you because after reading  this article, you will never ever feel the need to look for any other file converter.


Switch is one of the best software that you will ever come across. It’s an easy file converter and we assure you that within seconds you will be able to have your desired file right on your screen. Not only WAV to MP3, in fact, if you want to convert your WAV files to some other formats then yes, Switch will make that happen to and that too without putting you into any complexity.

2-Online Convert Free

Right now, if we talk about one of the best and they most hyped software then know that it’s Online Convert Free. This software is being used by so many people at the moment and well, the results that it comes with are just amazing. Online Convert Free comes with a very simple interface. All you need to do to convert your files is to go to upload them on the site, and then choose the format you want to convert them in, once done, you can then click on “convert” and there you go! Within seconds your file will be right in front of you.


It’s also an amazing software and it’s being used by a lot of people mainly because of the reason that it comes with more than 12000 formats. Yes, you read that right! There are 12000 formats you can convert you file in so if you think you need an easy to use software that is quick and has a lot of options too then opt for Zamzar right now.

These are some of the best ways through which you can convert your WAV files to MP3. So, use any one of the above mentioned methods and we promise you the fact that you will see the results on your own and it’s all going to fall into place for you.


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