Best Big Data Certifications to Take Your Career to the Next Level

By on October 24, 2017
Big Data Certifications

Big data is the future because over a billion people use the internet every day and that leads to an infinite amount of data collected. Managing the data available, segregating them and using the analytics to create better marketing strategies need the expertise of professionals who have completed big data certifications.

Data scientists are rated as the top most wanted professionals in today’s industries from pharma to digital marketing to hospitality, and many of them make a six-figure salary. While there are different types of Big Data certifications, these are the five major ones that could help you build a strong career path as a data expert and become a much-sought professional.

Cloudera Certifications

What types of Cloudera certifications are available?

A data expert who has acquired a certification in this particular platform can help companies turn raw data into usable information with the power of Cloudera. The company offers four different types of certifications.

  • Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer – A CCP data engineer can develop autonomous, streamlined and scalable data pipelines. Massive amounts of unsegregated data can be turned into useful information and can be used in different industries in a variety of applications.
  • Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer – A CCA can make use of Apache Spark and Cloudera Enterprise tools to import or export data in a MYSQL, HDFS environment.
  • CCA Data Analyst – A certified data analyst knows how to work in the Cloudera CDH environment, handle different formats in MySQL, Hadoop format, generate reports using custom queries and create or alter tables.
  • CCA Administrator – Administrators are capable of handling Cloudera manager, CDH environment and are trained professionals who can manage an organization’s Hadoop cluster on a daily basis.

The cost per test will vary based on your choice of course and in order to get Hadoop certification, a professional should take up only one test. It costs $295 for all certifications while the Data Engineer test fee is $400 per test.

The CCP data engineer test takes four hours to complete while other certification tests take just two hours. All Cloudera certification tests are done over the internet.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics

The MCSE Certification has some prerequisites to be met before you can take up test because it is a higher-level program and is one of the important certifications in Big Data management. Data management and analytics tracking is part of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert program.

Prequisite – Before acquiring a MCSE certification, it is mandatory to have completed a MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014 or MCSA in SQL 2016. The latter course can be done in a wide range of subjects including Database Administration, BI development, Machine Learning or Database Development.

Cost and Test Options – Microsoft offers 12 different tests to choose from and attempt based on your desired area of specialization. The test costs $165 and a successful candidate has to complete nine tests to qualify.

The tests are conducted by Pearson VUE, a testing company and the test can be taken online and also at approved physical locations.

MongoDB Certification

The advantage of acquiring a MongoDB Certification is that it allows the professional to work in a noSQL environment. While most Big Data is converted into MySQL database to be used by industries, MongoDB offers two different certifications to work in NoSQL technologies environment.

Mongo Database Administrator Associate (DBA) denotes a certified professional can make use of Mongo’s open source database management platform to collate loose data and present them in a constructive, easy to understand manner. MongoDB Developer Associate is the second test which allows a person to understand, use the Mongo environment to organize data in rows and tables. It seamlessly works with text, HTML, social media data and is different from conventional database management certifications.

Cost & Test Info – MongoDB Certification costs $150 per exam and doesn’t have any prerequisites to be met. The test duration is about 90 minutes and can be taken both online and in person.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials Certification

The certification is provided by Oracle. When you successfully complete the test, the company certifies that you are capable of handling their BI data.

Cost & Test Info – The test costs $245 per certification. Instead of a name, Oracle prefers to address it with an Exam Number 1Z0-591. The test duration is about two hours and 63% is the pass percentage.

The Oracle Certification doesn’t have any perquisites but the company suggests individuals to take up their 11g Bootcamp course to make it easier during the certification test.

The test should be taken in person at Pearson VUE approved test centers.

SAS Big Data Certification

SAS is a world renowned software vendor. The company has developed a business intelligence software to handle big data. The SAS Big Data certification certifies a professional is capable of working with their software and help organize data.

In order to acquire the certification, you should pass two different tests.

  • Big Data Exploration, Statistics and Visual Exploration
  • Big Data Programming and Loading

Cost & Test Info – The tests cost $180 each and preparation costs vary based on your choice of class. An online tutoring session may be cheaper than a classroom training.

In order to take up the test, SAS requires candidates to have at least six months of experience working in their environment. Alternatively, if you have six months of programming experience in another programming language, you are still eligible to take the test.

Building a Bigger, Better Career 

Big Data is the future, as confirmed by a lot of IT professionals around the globe and taking up a course in India is quite affordable. However, the test fee will be the same as the certification authorities have approved them in USD.

With an increasing amount of data being stored on the internet every day, the future looks very promising for Big Data experts, programmers and administrators with vast scope for enhancing their career.

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