Best Cities For Childless Adults

By on March 11, 2014

More and more adults in America are deciding to wait until later in life to settle down and have children—if they decide to have children at all. There is still quite a bit of pressure to have children, but more and more couples are choosing to put off having children, or never have them at all.

And though there are plenty of articles on the best places for families with children to live, there haven’t been nearly enough for couples without children. Here are some of the best cities for couples (or individuals) without children.

These places were chosen for their nightlife, restaurants and the variety of things to do without children.

Ithaca New York is one of the best places to live if you are a childless adult. This city is a perfect place for Adults to have a good time and improve their life without the interruption of children.

Miami Beach is another great city for adults. It’s a great place for awesome parties, and it gives you a good chance to get out on the town in an adult centered environment.

Las Vegas claims the name “the city that never sleeps”, and it is certainly a town made for adult life. Its insistence on a culture of gambling, drinking, and other adult-only activities make it an ideal choice for adults without children.

So, if you are interested in a childfree life, finding a Las Vegas Home for Rent, may be a great option for you. You can find the perfect niche in the awesome Las Vegas atmosphere.

Boston is another great destination for the childless. This city provides a historical atmosphere that is awesome for the adult scene. The Boston environment provides both an awesome professional world and an amazing night life for you to take advantage of.

Portland stands as a true refuge—and we’re talking both Portland Oregon and Portland Maine— for those adults seeking a childfree lifestyle. It is a great city for the young and interesting, and it makes for an ideal location for adults without children.

Santa Monica is an amazing child free location. Its beachfront atmosphere makes it a key location for many adults who want to party and get their tans on at the beach. Located in the LA area, there is plenty to do for miles around, and the night life is perfect for adults without children.

New York City, and Manhattan in particular, is a great place for the childless to gather. Between the theater, available sports arenas, and the club scene, New York is an awesome place to experience life as an adult without children.

San Franciso is another interesting a child free zone for adults in the world. Living here provides an awesome nightlife and a huge variety of activities to do throughout the week and on the weekends.

Finding the ideal place to live as a childless adult, is an important part of maximizing your life experience. Find the place for YOU today!


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