Best Present Ideas for Your Co-Workers

No matter if your dear co-worker is celebrating their raise or their birthday or if you already started planning for Office Secret Santa, one is for sure: buying gifts for your colleagues is not easy. But, even if you and your co-worker are not super close, you’re bound to get just the right thing with these practical gift ideas.

Insulated mug

Most office workers basically run on pure caffeine, so getting them something to feed their obsession is a good idea. No matter if they prefer hot or iced coffee, an insulated mug will keep them covered and maintain a perfect temperature of their beverage. Plus, thanks to its durable exterior, they won’t ever burn or freeze their fingers again when grabbing their drink!

Sushi kit

If your co-worker is more of a foodie than a coffee aficionado, here’s what you should get them: a home sushi kit. They won’t ever need to endure another store-bought sushi or spend money on overpriced bites from classy restaurants. Every foodie will appreciate this kit, especially if it comes with everything from a rice paddle and spreader to sushi rolling mats.


Do you think their office or cubicle needs a little freshness and color? Grab a cute succulent and a pretty planter that matches their aesthetic and you’ll instantly improve their work environment and boost their mood. It’s always nice to have a little work body to keep you company!


This fun gift is a treat for all office comedians. With gifts like Moodycards, your co-worker will get to express how they feel and put a smile on everyone’s face. This gift might be perfect for some yet not so suitable for other work environments, but you can probably judge your office dynamics well and avoid conflict.

Custom gifts

There’s nothing better than a customized gift—everyone loves these! All you need to know to surprise your techie co-worker is their name or initials and you can grab a monogram phone case for her and allow her to advertise her brand. Phones always need proper protection so it’s a gift that won’t fail. Or you can find customized socks for him and surprise him with a pair donning his selfie or an image of his family or pets. Very thoughtful.

Screen cleaners

A good screen cleaner will help your colleague keep their smartphone or monitor spot-free. With all the tapping, sliding and dust floating around your office, it’s hard to keep screens clean, but these sprays definitely help.

Scented candle

If everyone has one but your co-worker, it’s time to get them into the 21st century and grab an essential oil diffuser. No matter if they choose to use it in the office or bring it home, a diffuser will definitely freshen up their space and make working a little less gloomy. If you want to go with fancy scents but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can opt for a simple scented candle inspired by seasonal smells. These pack a good punch yet come with a small price tag.

Musical coasters

A big music fan will always love something connected to their passion, so you might want to consider finding some reclaimed record coasters. You can even make these yourself if you have some old records you don’t use. Just find music your co-worker might like, cut out the central circle with a little saw, sand the rough edges and voila! These are the coasters they might actually want to use and show off to office visitors.

These gifts will definitely not go unused or re-gifted. Make sure to consider your co-worker’s personality and job, and you’ll surely choose something fitting they will love to use or keep in their workspace.

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