Best Short Courses for Business Geeks

By on May 21, 2019

Udemy is an online platform that is very popular in providing short courses that are more than 60,000 in number. Udemy covers courses of different categories to over 24 million students and the only purpose of Udemy is to provide such courses to its students that can help them in shaping their careers. Each course that Udemy provides contains a number of lectures, video, audios, powerpoint presentations, slides, quizzes, assignments and much more. And once a user takes a course, he gets lifetime access to it. Which means that you can have access to the contents of the course whenever you want.

Covering a number of different categories, Udemy also has a number of courses for our Business Geeks that can help these people to improve their skills in order to make their business flourish. There are also a number of courses available for beginners who need tips to start their own business. So here we are going to discuss some of the best courses on Udemy regarding Business. Depending on the number of students enrolled and the highest rating, we’ll discuss some of these courses and give our users an idea about what they have to offer.

Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course:

This course will help a learner to become a professional freelancer and find the right clients and job for you. The course will start with an introduction of what it really means to become a freelancer. You will be taught all the tips and techniques that will help you to become your own boss and take control of your career. This course contains a number of lectures, videos, assignments, and quizzes that will be enough to learn. Each video will teach you ways that can help you to promote your business, capabilities and attract the right clients toward you. This course has helped a lot of students in becoming a good freelancer and because of this course, many were able to reach their goal. The course also contains a portion of frequently asked questions where the instructor has gathered all the questions that every freelancer has in his mind and has given answers to each question in a best possible way thereby enabling a learner to take the most out of the course. The rating of this course is 4.7 and more than twenty thousand students have enrolled in this course. Hence the course is a good pick.

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2019:

This course is solely related to investment banking and know about bonds, trading, IPOs and much more. The course contains all the guideline that is required in order to become capable of clearing the investment banking interview phase. You will be able to build financial models from the very scratch. With that, a complete set of instructions regarding how to make evaluation models is also explained in this course. Each video in the course will introduce a learner to a new concept in investment banking that can help him to make his career in investment banking or a private equity. The importance of bond offering, why companies go public, why companies raise public debt and much other concepts like these have been explained in this course. If a learner takes this course seriously, he will be able to learn a lot from it. The course is a perfect fit for both beginners and professionals and its rating is totally appealing that is 4.5. Thus we can call this course a worth buying one.

The Complete Financial Analyst Course:

This course as the name implies contains everything that is needed for a person to become a complete financial analyst. The course will help a learner to excel in different financing fields like how to do financial statement analysis, how you can make better presentations on power point, what is require d to be able to do a business analysis and much more. You will be able to do a financial statement analysis, how to calculate different ratios like liquidity, solvency, profitability and other ratios in order to analyze the performance of a company. You will be able to understand 10-K reports and what is their purpose. Furthermore the course will help a learner to format the spreadsheets in the most professional way thus enabling a user to learn all the tips and techniques required to become a complete financial analyst. The rating of this course is 4.6 and the number of students that have been enrolled in this course are 56,600. Also the feedback given by majority of these students are satisfactory. Hence we can say that this course is an excellent choice for those who wish to become a financial analyst.

Concluding Remarks:

We can conclude our discussion by saying that taking any of these Udemy’s business course can help a learner whether he is a beginner or an advanced level professional in a best possible way. The courses are unique on their own and contain a proper set of instructions. The videos, lectures, assignments, quizzes, presentations and much more are a complete package of help that a user can get from the course. Also these course are available at an affordable price so that every user who intends to learn something can take it. Hence we can say with full confidence and satisfaction that these Udemy courses are totally worth our time, efforts and money.

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