Best Way to Screen Candidates for A Job

If you are from a company that is looking to hire the next wave of people who are going to make impact for the company, then you are surely looking to find out how you can weed out the underserving candidates easily from a larger pool of candidates.

Employee recruitment is a very expensive work and companies spend huge sums of money to fund the process. After all, fresh new talent is what is going to lead the company to a better place. When this much funds are poured into the process of employee recruitment, you would want to make sure that the undeserving candidates are easily filtered out at the lowest cost to the company.

Employee assessment test is one of the best ways and the cheapest ways to do this. Let us take a look at how this works –

Assessment Tests and How They Work

These tests are usually given out at the earlier rounds of recruitment process and these tests can be of different types. Some of the popular tests are personality test, motivation test, knowledge tests, skills tests etc.

Personality tests look for whether the person’s mindset and the company’s mindset match or not. This is very important as if there is no sync in this issue, the goals of the company are not clearly propagated through the employee. It is better to filter out people whose personality does not match with the company’s mentality.

Motivation tests look to see how driven a person is towards his work and how ambitious he is. It is always better to hire a person with more drive towards his passion and work than to hire an employee who will work only to get a salary at the end of the month. When you can find out how ambitious a person is, you can determine if he or she will be able to one day take up leadership positions within the company.

Knowledge tests are very important in jobs where the person is expected to learn new things and technologies quickly and implement them on the job. This kind of a job assessment test usually provides the test taker with a new concept and then asks questions that can be answered only using the new concept that was just introduced. This tests how quickly a candidate can pick up something new and do well in it. This also gives an idea about the adaptability of the person.

Skills tests are very similar to knowledge tests but they test different things like interpersonal skills and communication skills which are extremely important in any job setting. Most of these tests are made so that a very small population of the test takers will be able to answer all the questions.

Therefore, you have just learnt about assessment tests and how you can use to weed out the undeserving candidates and pick out on the candidates who are a good match for the company. So, go on and use them during your next recruitment drive!

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