Beyond the Cliché: New and Exciting Wedding Ideas

By on July 10, 2019

White dresses, fresh flowers, tulle everywhere – many of the old, cliché wedding trends are just that, completely outdated. While some are still charmed with spirits of tradition and customs, others are kind of bored and seeking for something fresh and unique. But, in the world of too many colors, shapes and ideas, is there something that is truly unique?

Are you looking for a way to freshen up your upcoming wedding? Do you want something new and fresh that no one will expect?

Today it is popular to do stuff online, so the idea for skipping tradition in preparation can be a wedding dress ritual. You can now just simply order it online! From choosing your dress to changing up your bouquet, there are several ways to give your wedding a twist. Keep reading to learn what these methods are.

Add a Raw Bar

Are you planning a cocktail hour? If so, it doesn’t have to be the typical melting ice blogs, piles of seafood, and stringy seaweed. A great way to change things up is by offering a raw bar. This is a clean and elegant way to make cocktail hour more fun.

Rather than having piles of oysters and shrimp, consider making a “grab and go” presentation that features smaller plates of oysters or individual shrimp cocktails. You can even add miniature bottles of hot sauce to complete the look.

Opt for a Smaller Bridal Party

Think of Kate Middleton’s bridal party. It was obvious she didn’t want to burden her friends or wedding planner. Take a cue from this by minimizing how many people are asked to be in your wedding. For example, you may just want to ask a maid of honor and best man to stand up with you or eliminate the bridal party altogether.

While minimizing the bridal party is going to save your friends money, it can help you save, too. For example, you don’t have to buy attendant gifts, bouts for the groomsmen, or bridesmaid bouquets.

Choose Black and White Photos

In addition to there being a resurgence of film, the popularity of black and white photography has also increased in recent years. In fact, many couples find this ideal for modern weddings.

When you are interviewing a wedding photographer, make sure you ask if they can shoot in both black and white and color and make sure they are able to capture special moments, details, and formal portraits.

One more idea for wedding memory would be to hire a professional painter to paint a wedding portrait of a couple, of course, days before the event – since this can be a long and exhausting process. But the memory of two of you done by artists hands is something that is really beautiful and unique in 2019!

Add an Old-Fashioned Soda Bar

If you want to have a non-alcoholic bar, then consider a soda bar. This is a fun twist for a tried and true classic for weddings. You can use artisanal ingredients to create unique flavor profiles and keep things simple while adding a “wow factor” with elements of modern nostalgia.

You can include fruit-flavored soda on your bar menu, or have it offer desserts, such as milkshakes, egg creams, or other floats.

As you can see, there are countless ways for you to change things up and move away from the cliché idea of what a wedding should be. By using the information here and implementing these new ideas, you can easily find ways to make your wedding special and unique from others you have attended in the past. What are you waiting for – start planning your amazingly modern wedding today? You and your guests will never forget this type of experience.

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