Boost Your Immune System with Ceylon Tea

By on September 20, 2017
Ceylon Tea

Any tea, which is from the land of Srilanka is known as the Ceylon Tea. It is world famous for its health benefits due to the high Polyphenolic content in it. The Ceylon Tea has a tangy taste and has a warming influence on the body. It tastes differently from all other varieties of teas.

Many ailments and afflictions are claimed to be treated by consuming Ceylon tea on a regular basis. The Flavonoids and the antioxidants present in this tea are considered as the treating factors for the same. Especially the Ceylon loose leaf tea is best known for its aromatic and health benefits.

The following is a list of health benefits for the regular Ceylon tea drinkers:

  • Helps in reducing weight:

The biggest advantage of drinking Ceylon tea is that it helps in stimulating the metabolism and this leads to reduction of weight. As weight problem has always been related to a lower metabolic rate, people who are trying to reduce their weight should go for it. With a higher metabolism, the body will start burning fat at a higher rate. Also, having a cup of Ceylon tea in the morning gives you energy for the rest of the activities, lined up for the day.

  • Boosts your immune system:

The regular intake of Ceylon tea helps in the body’s capacity to fight the illness and the body is less prone to falling sick. The immune system of the body is improved, and you become stronger day by day. The antioxidants found in the Ceylon tea helps in reducing stress and managing the free radicals, which are responsible to various health hazards. It helps in keeping the body free from infections.

  • Good for your heart’s health:

The presence of potassium in the Ceylon tea is a major reason for it acting as a heart protector. The potassium works like the Vasodilator. Basically, it reduces the tension and stress in the arteries and blood vessels. This reduces the blood pressure and helps it to go back to normal. It will make your heart feel lighter and healthier. A cup of Ceylon tea along with potassium rich foods like a banana, can do wonders for your heart.

  • Helps you remain energetic:

The main ingredient in the tea ‘caffeine’ is the main component which gives you a dose of energy. It keeps your brain cell active and you feel more mentally alert to do all your difficult tasks in hand. It boosts up your attention span also, and can help you in coming out of the morning slump.

  • Provides you a glowing and shiny skin:

A few antioxidants found in the Ceylon tea are very helpful in reducing the collagen loss of the skin, which helps in reducing the oxidative stress in the cells surrounding the skin. To keep the face muscle tight and to avoid wrinkles, collagen plays a vital role. So drinking Ceylon tea can help you in avoiding premature ageing by eliminating the wrinkles, toning the skin and keeping it blemish free.

  • The lesser risk of developing kidney stones:

The caffeine content and the antioxidants- both work together in avoiding the formation of kidney stones. Regular drinkers of Ceylon tea are at lowest risk of developing the stones, which are very painful and obstructs the normal functioning of the kidney in many cases.

  • Regulates the glucose level of diabetic patients:

The intake of Ceylon tea helps in maintaining the sugar and insulin level of the body and helps people who are suffering from diabetes. This helps them in avoiding the spikes and drops of sugar level in the body, which is very dangerous for their health.

  • Prevents chronic illness:

The Theaflavins and the Thearubigins in the tea are responsible for directly counteracting the spread of cancer and prevents cellular mutation and oxidative stress.

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