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By on February 7, 2018

The current market is aggressive to compete and achieve a new level of success. But today’s market is volatile in nature and also quite unstable; hence no one knows which move can hit the market. Therefore, business entrepreneurs are in dilemma of choosing the right options for themselves that will boost up their revenue and sales. But looking at the present competition, owners do not have time to wait, watch, analyse, and then take an effective decision. They need to maintain the pace and go with their marketing and customer support strategy.

Outbound telemarketing service is one such way to boost sales and even serves other purposes such as handling customer queries, verification, service delivery, and follow-ups. Most of the telemarketing companies use platforms that help them to fetch information about customers such as, transactional details, prior services, further requirements, history and personal information. This information helps in developing knowledge about the person and what kind of services will entice him.

Telemarketing services play a major role in implementing call centre strategies as they help in increasing revenue and improve company’s name by enhancing customer satisfaction.


The common challenges that an outbound call centre faces in daily lives are:

1). Even though the contact centres try reaching a number of leads for promoting their services most of the potential prospects generally refuse to share their personal information. Thus, calling off the deal.

2). A number of customers or partner organisations refuse to continue business deals because either the platforms are old or the agents are not performing up to the mark.

3). Gone are the days when there were requirements of manual platforms and machines. Now customers are self-aware and encourage self-service unless a complex issue occurs.

4). The agents are unable to carry or continue to follow up the leads, hence, losing the potential leads in someone else’s hand.


The first and foremost thing that one should do is to find out the reasons behind inefficiency of the organisation. The main focus is to find out that despite working hard on leads and providing telemarketing services in UK why is company unable to generate sufficient revenue. It is high time to minutely observe each process and to find the loopholes that are acting as a barrier to company’s end results.

To overcome these challenges, here are some tips and tricks:

1). Introduce your company and its agents with the best available resources that reduce the manual efforts and facilitate in delivering the services easily. Give them the best call centre software which will automatically integrate with the current platform and give agents the list of available customer’s data.

2). Accessing the details will help the agents and business owners to incorporate new methods to reduce the customers piled up queries and entice business groups to invest in your company.

3). The newly introduced platform and software now help the agents to be in touch with the customers.

4). Focus on important metrics like efficiency, reducing time lapse, encouraging first call resolution, and training the agents to deliver the best of their efforts and do not just beat in the bush.

5). Monitoring key performing indexes is important as the management could track the delivery of the latest services and their quality. Also, managers monitor the services to find out that the required service level matches up with the delivered service quality.

5). Reward your agents when their performance touches the benchmark. This will motivate other employees to work hard and compete at the same level. Motivated employees automatically scale up their work to get awards and recognition.


It is estimated that by working on the metrics of telemarketing services, growth ratio can be raised up to 30% of the overall revenue. The efficiency of call centres and organisations has tremendously increased in the recent years. Now bigger companies outsource their major services and they focus on introducing new features and applications that will enhance their brand name and reputation in the market.

Now, with the enhanced platform and system in the market, agents are reaching out to only those candidates who are interested either in collaborating with the company or taking company’s services. Therefore, with these features companies have seen the change in their working pattern and eliminating the old traditional methodologies. Hence, experiencing tremendous growth in the company’s revenue and customer experience.

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