A Bowl of Sweet Nothings

By on February 14, 2018
Bowl of Sweet

You’ve had a 5-course meal. It’s satiating and definitely scrumptious… yet there’s a tiny partof you which craves for a little more… that little more is not any full course meal, but it’s sweets.. It seems we still manage to find some space for sweets even after a heavy meal. I was curious to do a bit of research to understand the reason for that. Guess what the scientists have to say!

Our brain’s primal urge is to consume as many calories as possible. According to food scientists, our appetite fades after we eat too much of the same type of food. A dessert course tricks our brain into wanting more food.

But the truth is that the joy of having a sweet cannot be compared with anything else. It’s an innate act [of sin] that most of us cannot overcome. And Indians are famous for indulging in a decadent dessert after a full-course meal! In Delhi the entire street overflows with sweet shops. How can anyone resist such bliss!? I, for one, cannot resist a crispy jalebi on a winter day or an ice cream during summer after a delicious meal.

While I was in Delhi, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay; I also couldn’t help but indulge myself in some of these [sinful] acts. And the best part was that I didn’t even need to go out much to enjoy these delicacies!! Thanks to the food ordering apps, I could lookup and order desserts online. Such hassle-free techniques are a sheer gift in the 21st century to mankind! Almost all the stores were enlisted online. Of course not just desserts, if I didn’t feel going out we would order food online too.

Before I was about to order desserts online in Delhi I did a small research on what are the best sweet desserts available in the city. The list is endless. But I’ve managed to make a few notes of my own. They are the cheese cakes (of course that had to be the first in the list), the rabris faloodas, Barfi, halwas such as sohanhalwa, gajarkahalwa or moong dal kahalwa, motichoorladdoos, shahitukdas, kulfisand jalebis. Andthe list continues…


The saffron infused Shahi Tukdas are said to have been invented to use up unused bread in the 19th century. Burfi is a famous Indian dessert that sneaks in the Indian households during any festival. It’s derived from the word “barf” which in Persian means “snow”.

The traditional sweet dish of India, SohanHalwa is infused with solid saffron, almonds, pistachios, and made by boiling water, sugar, milk and corn flour till it becomes solid. The Moong dal kahalwa and GajarkaHalwa are a true bliss to the taste buds, especially when served hot. Made from vermicelli, yoghurt and flour, RabriFalooda is a personal favourite. Every kid, adult and old yearn for the ice creams but nothing beats the place of the creamy, rich in milk kulfis.

We all know this joke – “desserts”is“stressed” spelt backwards. So let’s undo stress this summer with these bowls of sweet nothings.


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