Building a Career With a Construction Management Degree in 2019

By on February 12, 2019
Construction Management Degree

Are you a born leader or often catch yourself solving issues and then self-analysing it?

If you are or know someone who has the skill set of someone who enjoys planning and then executing it as well, then I would highly recommend that you pursue a construction management degree.

The key to success here is to build a career around it. For a better understanding lets first clear the basic fundamentals of the Construction Management Project. It is a diverse field that covers all the aspect that comes under scientific and technical service, public administration and safety. This degree will help you build a career as it will help you become a catalyst in terms of successfully delivering projects.

Construction management associate’s degree is a realm that consists of knowledge areas -project management, business management, construction, sustainability and behavioural aspects of projects. Even though it primarily focuses on project management.

This course will help you get comfortable and well equipped with models, tools, and techniques to manage time, cost, quality, safety, risk, sustainability and human resources on a larger scale.

An engineer or architect might have the technical aspect covered but to excel in the department of project management, and they need to have a sound knowledge of construction management degree as well.

What the industry currently is looking for are civil engineers, and with that degree, they have a few added qualities like management skills and someone who can take responsibility for projects and make it the next big thing.

But the catch here is that the real estate industry is currently facing a shortage when it comes to project managers and with large-scale and complex projects becoming the norm, managers need to be hired more than ever. New compliance and health and safety regulations have also contributed to the increase in demand for a proficient project manager. One of the greatest perks of taking up the role of a project manager is that once you acquire the skills, then the chances of them leaving you are very low. Hence, even if you think of moving across different industries, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Many research has been done, and all of them suggests that more than 40 million managers will be needed globally by 2020 and 375,000 of these will be in Australia. Industries singled out as having a growing demand for project managers include energy, healthcare, construction, and information technology.

In the end, after reading the points mentioned above, if this triggers interest in studying construction management courses in India, then RICS school of the built environment is a viable option. Their unique and interesting MBA CPM prepares you to excel in the role of a project manager and how to work as a team. In this course, your holistic growth will be established and will help you lead teams of specialists including architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, sustainability experts, and finance experts. While studying this course you will get to learn about Project management, Business management, Construction, Sustainability and Behavioural aspects of projects.


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