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By on April 12, 2019

Ceiling fans can make you feel way more comfortable than you can imagine in this hot weather. They do it by circulating dormant warm air and cooling it off as it moves around an enclosed space. This machine will help in decreasing the temperature of your room. Its effects increase if you open your windows. At night, you may not even need to use the air conditioner. Outdoor ceiling fans are also useful if you place them in covered patios. Ceiling fans let you enjoy the outdoors even without the help of any air conditioning system in your house.

Choose the best ceiling fan

Choosing the right ceiling fan will guarantee supreme performance, style and above all of the other features, it will provide maximum comfort. Further of this article will give you a better understanding of how to choose the right ceiling fan for your home from the best ceiling fan brands in India. Below given are a few of the suggestions:

Decide blade spans –

The spans of the blade should be decided on the basis of the room’s square feet. Blade span is basically the diameter created by the blades while rotating. If you choose a fan with an odd number of blades then measure the distance from the center to blade tip. On the contrary, if you have a fan with an even number of blades then measure the distance between the opposing blades of the fan.

Fix at what distance  to hang your fan –

If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet then choose a low profile ceiling fan. On the other hand, if your ceiling height is greater than 9 feet then choose a ceiling fan down rod. For long rectangular rooms of around 300 sq. feet then use of multiple ceiling fans is advised. It is also necessary to calculate the size of the longest wall in the room where you want it to be installed. Moreover, in order to ensure adequate head clearance, you can also opt for the flush-mount model.

Look at the control options –

It is always advised to choose only the type of fan which is, as per your convenience, easier in controlling. It all depends on the fan you choose. It can have the option of controlling from a wall switch, a remote or a good old-fashioned chain.

Fans have always been efficient to use. Ortem is considered as one of the best Ceiling Fans in India. Its fans help in both, cooling and warming up your home. Another advantage of using Ortem fans, indoor or outdoor ceiling fans, is the ability to cut down on energy bills. It will create a cool breeze thus curtailing the cost of the air conditioners. Ortem fans enable you to decrease your monthly electric bills during summers and even winters.

The conclusion –

Sometimes, it’s a tough time when the temperature season goes up and fans seem the only solution to overcome such condition.

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