Can antivirus really protect you?

By on April 11, 2019
antivirus really protect

One of the most common questions that people ask is, can antivirus really protect you from all kind of viruses and online attacks? You might have heard somewhere or one of your friends might have told you about this thing. They might be saying that antivirus doesn’t protect you or there can still be viruses even if you install the best antivirus available. So, the questions remain the same, should you use the antivirus or not, if not what you should do instead of using antivirus to protect from all the viruses and keep your computer safe. We will be checking out all of these things to make sure your computer is fully protected and you can be safe.

Need of Antivirus

First of all, without denying you surely need antivirus in your computer. This goes especially if you are using a lot of internets to download files, games, music, or anything. Most of the virus are originated from the internet and can cause your entire system to fail. So, it is mandatory to protect it.

You might be thinking if you are not using the internet much then also you need antivirus? The answer is Yes. Even if you are not using the internet, you should purchase antivirus software. As the viruses can enter from anywhere like USB drive, DVD, etc. So, having an antivirus is the must.

Update Matters

There are some of the people don’t update their antivirus. You should be updating your antivirus whenever you see any updates. There are new viruses made day by day and therefore updating the antivirus is the most important thing that you should be doing. If you haven’t updated the antivirus, you should update it soon as there is a new version or you see new virus definition.

If you ask us for our advice, we would suggest you keep the auto update on. If you are facing any issues in updating your antivirus or anywhere else, you can surely contact Norton support or any other antivirus you are using. They will guide you wherever you have stopped and will help you out in this.

Final words

To conclude, it is pretty clear. If you haven’t yet fo the answer that you re looking for then here it is. Yes, you should use the antivirus and it can surely protect you from all the kind of attacks as well as the viruses, malware and all the other bad program that will affect or harm your computer. Make sure whichever antivirus you are using, update it whenever you see the next update. It will bring more safety to your computer and will help you in every possible thing.

Therefore, it is necessary for all of us to use antivirus software in order to be safe from all the activities. Make sure you go for the paid version rather than going for the free version. They give you more protection and also along with this, they have many other features in the paid version.


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