Can You Make a Career in Blockchain?

By on April 2, 2018
Career in Blockchain

The blockchain is rapidly growing and is spreading its wing into a lot of domain. India, being a tech-savvy country is the first one to absorb any new technology in the market. Just like AI, AR, and VR, Blockchain has become the mantra in the Silicon Valley. So what is this Blockchain? The blockchain is a ledger which records transactions and is highly secured that no one can change the records in the register. Initially, Blockchain was the technology used to record the transactions of a bitcoin. In other words, just like how we transact money over the online medium like NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS, cryptocurrencies were transferred using the technology called Blockchain. Blockchain creates nodes or hashes to at every point of the transaction and is accessible to all but never reversible or editable. This way, whatever the transaction is we are secured and there is no data theft. The banking sector in India is the first industry to adopt this and implement it in their transactions. The FY18-19 is going to witness a large-scale secured transaction implementation. Since Blockchain is a distributed data storage unit, this scale it has achieved is massive. All these make Blockchain an attractive option for a career. So what is the functional aspect of a career in Blockchain?

Apart from cryptocurrency industry which is now seeing a fade, the banking sector is doing hot business with Blockchain and there is a lot of requirement for Blockchain developers in India. The quantum of data and the quality of data which the Blockchain can provide is what data miner is looking forward to. Implementation of this technology can give us a more transparent banking experience and reduce data loss. As this technology and Blockchain developer are in demand, this has given rise to the increased number of people opting for a Blockchain developer course.

Supply chain management is another industry which handles a lot of information and data quality is very important at every stage. This makes the industry profitable by helping them reduce the variable cost associated with a different stage of manufacturing and also auditing is made easy.

The gaming industry has evolved over the time and there are a lot of games which requires payments and transfer of credits. As for multiplayer games which involve players from all over the world competing on a single platform, the need for a secured transaction is born there. Hence Blockchain has laid its demand in most of the industries.

Blockchain certification course is the very much need to land up a job in most of the demanding spaces. Big giants like wall street, IBM and Microsoft have started to invest in Blockchain technology and the rising demand for developers all around the world is something to watch out for. As the source code is open source and the ability to develop an API for Blockchain process is becoming super popular in the tech-savvy world. This is a very good sign for the employment space in India as it gears up to produce more jobs in the upcoming years.


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