Car Maintenance Tips – 2019

By on July 22, 2019
Car Maintenance Tips

Cars are a long-term investment. So, needless to say, timely maintenance of your car is imperative if you are looking to reap maximum benefits out of such a huge investment in the long run. But, you must remember that your car can only serve you best when you serve your car the right way at the right time. Now, have you purchased car insurance yet? If you haven’t covered your car against accidental damages, then you may have to end up shelling out even more money for your car in unforeseen situations. Moreover, purchasing car insurance online is mandatory by law.

Two things that come into play when talking about car maintenance tips are:

  1. Car maintenance done after your car parts have been damaged or needs replacement
  2. Car maintenance done before any accidental damages takes place, i.e. preventive maintenance.

Between both scenarios, the latter seems to be a fairer choice, and the starting point is getting car insurance for your vehicle. Apart from purchasing car insurance, you must also have some basic knowledge on the following areas as listed below, so as to ensure a greater longevity of your car.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car

  • Keep a check on the air filter of your car – The air filter of your car ensures the smooth running of your car. The air filter comes in contact with the air which tends to be impure, and assures no dirt or debris enters your car, thereafter disrupting your car’s smooth performance. So, inspect your car’s air filter regularly, keep it clean, and change from time to time if needed.
  • Inspect your car battery – A car’s battery runs all the electrical systems in your car, and most importantly supplies power to the engine to kick start. If your battery is not in a good condition, your car may not even get started at the first place. So, keep a check on the fluid level of your car battery of it is an acid battery. Ideally, change your car’s battery after every 2 to 3 years.
  • Change engine oil on a timely basis – Your car’s engine is lubricated by the engine oil, and is heavily dependent on the latter. If your engine oil is getting black in colour, it’s time to get it changed. Make sure there is no leakage of oil from your car.
  • Check your spark plugs, brakes, and tires – Do not overlook spark plugs. After driving for about 50,000 to 80,000 miles, you must definitely get your spark plugs checked. Also, ensure your car tires have the right pressure, which is about 30 PSI. Lastly, take extra care of your car brakes. Keep a check on your car brakes on a monthly basis or at least on a 3 months gap.

Maintaining your car is no rocket science if you intend to preserve its health and condition for a long time. Get your car covered on car insurance online, and enjoy added claim benefits such as, protection of your car against natural calamities, terrorist attacks, theft, riot, earthquakes, accidents, etc.


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