Career Growth and Future Scope in BPO & KPO

By on October 1, 2017
Career growth

Every Field is a growing field in its own way either it is Engineering, Medical, Airline, or Backend. Other than all the fields, if I only talk about BPO and KPO then in the recent years the backend work has gained its prominence in India. India is considered as one of the fastest growing market place for business process industry among all other competitors includes China, Australia, etc. Even research shows that demand for the outsourcing services in India has been increased by 50%. This industry provide jobs on a large scale to fresher and experienced candidates in different locations such as they provides jobs in Siliguri, Jobs in Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, and in many more different cities. Candidate can achieve success in this sector easily because many big companies such as HCL, WNS, 24/7 Customers, Emphasis are hired the candidates for BPO, KPO jobs.  This is not kind of customer care jobs but a candidate can increase their technical skills and knowledge in this field. Spend 3-4 years in BPO industry to gain in-depth knowledge of all the functions and operations. Not only technical skills but if you have some good soft skills like managing the people, good communication skills then this is the best career option for you. 

Salary Structure in BPO kinds of jobs:

No doubt that this kind of jobs pays very well. Any graduate or even undergraduate with good communication skills can easily earn up to 12k to 15k per month in India. And with some experience, you could move up to higher position and your pay scale is also increased. Many more companies are looking to start their operation services in India while others are looking to expand their existing services. Among all the countries India will always be the market leader because of its Strong IT sector.

 This Sector offers different Kinds of Jobs Posts for Candidates:

Customer support services: – This kind of job best suited for the persons who have good communication skills, and have the ability to manage people. In customer support, you need to answer the queries of customers via phone calls, chat or emails. 

Technical Support Services: – Technical Support services help users to solve their problems related to specific hardware/software or any other electronic product. All the queries of customers solve via chat, e-mails or Phones calls. These services can be provided via email, phone or chat. With enough technical knowledge, a candidate can work with tech support.

Telemarketing services– Interacting with new customers and increase their interest in product and services. Also whatever product you serve to customers gives them full information about the product is your responsibility.

Data entry: – No more technical skills required, in this, you just need to do the data entry work form websites, doc files, e-books etc. 

Data Conversion services: People who have good technical computer knowledge can make their career in this field. Because you need to convert the data, from soft copy to hard copy in this kind of job.

Except for all these job posts, there is much more job position which a candidate can get including help Desk, insurance processing, Human resource outsourcing job etc. Business process Outsourcing offers their services for both foreign and domestic firms. Companies demand the candidates who are more flexible, more fit and who can work in any environment. By doing the job in this sector you will also get several other benefits.


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